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Game Review & Prognosis

November 6, 2008

Brady Quinn was great. Jay Cutler was better. This game finished perfectly and marks the beginning of a Broncos comeback. With the dominant play of the passing game and a decent effort by the running game I am proud to call myself a Bronco Maniac. So of course here is your game review and prognosis:

Jay Cutler couldn’t have chosen a better time to prove himself to Broncos fans yet again. With a second half comeback to beat the Browns, Jay Cutler had a great game. He had the second most passing yards of any QB this year. He had a whopping 447 yards with 3 Touchdowns but one interception. I don’t care about the Interception though because he still had a great game.

As for the running game we are facing some well…problems. I felt after a little while into it as Ryan Torain was heating up we might have a good running game but he did not get the chance to come back as he injured his leg. Again. That is along with a whole slew of other Halfbacks leaving us with only Peyton Hillis as the starting Halfback. Ryan Torain had 68 yards and 1 Touchdown before leaving the game. Peyton Hillis then had another 24.

The Wide Receivers were on a role but I do wish that Brandon Marshall had made better decisions and ran the right routes. He had 89 yards and 1 game sealing Touchdown at the end. Eddie Royal was the star of the receiving squad with a career high 164 yards and 1 Touchdown. Tony Scheffler had 94 yards total. He got the game started with a 39 yard catch to get us rolling.

Special Teams was okay and we did an overall good job of getting us in nice field position the entire game. I would have liked to see Matt Prater make all of his Field Goals but he did not and that’s okay. He was 2-3 but what I don’t get is why he will make these long ones and miss all the short ones. It makes no sense to me.

As for defense we were terrible and if not for a good offensive effort we would have lost that game easily. We had one turnover which was a forced fumble by Dre’ Bly to be recovered by Karl Paymah. Paymah I think has been very good. The coverage was average and needs some tweaking but for the time being was okay. Our problem was letting up big plays.

We let up big run plays, big pass plays and won off of offensive fire power on our side and offensive mistakes on theirs. Overall I need to give credit to Brady Quinn who I am a huge fan of for picking away at our defense. The running game does not look good on paper but did succeed overall. We definitely need to work on that.


Don’t get injured again. Easy and simple. 

Jay Cutler needs to keep on using the Tight Ends to his advantage. If our running game can not work than we need more options to pass to than just our Wide Receivers.

Take advantage of the long week. We have about two weeks to prepare for our next game against the Falcons. Focus on shutting down Michael Turner.


O: Jay Cutler (Even with some bad decisions in passing he had a great game.)

D: Dre’ Bly (No one else did anything good on D.)

ST: Peyton Hillis (Had some good break blocks to get a few extra yards.)

  1. Wyoeng permalink
    November 7, 2008 1:26 PM

    I liked the 1st down run (while carrying a Brownie)

  2. November 7, 2008 2:40 PM

    Dre’ was not bad, but I also thought Jamie Winborn had a very nice game. It was the best game! It was the perfect game to start off Thursday Night Football, and on my b-day too! It was awesome!

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