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Game Review & Prognosis

November 3, 2008

Well it is over and I can not believe we lost the game. I really thought we had it in us to win that game. But I guess some things are not meant to happen and I do have a few bones to pick which I will of course go into later in the review.

I have to say that I am disappointed with the production of Jay Cutler so far. Cutler has completely fallen down on the job. While I don’t want to say it, maybe Jay Cutler is not the answer after all. I still have hope and trust with him but if he does not show me anything else than I will become a bit less lenient than I have been. He finished the game 307 yards, 2 Touchdowns, and 3 Interceptions.

The running game was the worst I have ever seen it. We had a total of only 14 yards on the ground when the goal of the game was to establish the run game. Guess what? It didn’t work at all. Ryan Torain did not have the debut that I wanted him to have but I still hold out a bit of hope on him. Andre Hall actually had the best game. Sad…

As for the receiving core our star player was actually our Fullback Peyton Hillis. He had 7 receptions, 116 yards, and 1 Touchdown. Eddie Royal also had an okay game with 63 yards and a Touchdown. Brandon Marshall was completely shut down by Will Allen and had only 2 catches for 27 yards. Oh but he should have 104 yards. He had a 77 yard Touchdown catch that would have had us take the league but he was charged with offensive pass interference. It was the tiniest little push. I have seen receivers do it a billion time and it was a bogus call. The difference between how it sealed our fate versus the Chargers game was with the points we would have won. There was no guarantee the bogus call against the Chargers would have cost us the game. 

The Offensive Line was good and only let up one sack by of course Daniel Graham. I have had it with him and he has done nothing but hurt us lately. 

Our Special Teams was the best part of this weeks game. Eddie Royal was just making so many big plays on Special Teams one of which resulted in us getting a Touchdown after putting us in perfect field position. Matt Prater missed one of his only Field Goals this year. But it was still from 49 yards and that was pretty hard to make. He did make a 50 yarder though. Brett Kern had some huge punt though and looked great.

I would like to announce formally that I now have hope for Jarvis Moss at Defensive End yet again. He had 2 whole sacks and had a very good game. I think that if he keeps this up he could still make it in the NFL and maybe not be as big a bust as I have been letting on lately. Karl Paymah looked very good out there and had an Interception while limiting the pass game. I think he is also making very big strides in his play.

The run defense was overall very good but I am very worried about the injury that D.J Williams is facing because that would be game over for this entire season and I would lose all hope. If it lasts one week I will be fine but anything more and I could cry. Make that will cry. I think D.J has become the best player on the defense. It would be heart breaking to see him go down.


Establish the running game again. I am not sure how but even with multiple Running Backs out we still need to somehow rebuild our running game to win. It is right now my biggest worry.

Keep up the effectiveness on defense. For a team facing this many injuries we did a great job playing defense. We stopped the run, limited the pass and overall had a very good game. 


O: Peyton Hillis (I have never seen a better receiving Fullback.)

D: Karl Paymah (He was great on coverage and had an INT.)

ST: Eddie Royal (Put us in nice field position most of the time.)

  1. November 4, 2008 3:12 AM

    Garrett, Don’t even talk like that! Your’ll get kicked off the site! [Well I guess I don’t have the power to do that…lol] just look at the site name *Champ & Jay* It’s not really Jay that’s had the slide, but the O-line. They are not half as good as they were at the geginning of the year. And they are doing horrible with the run game. We have not scored a rushing TD since August! They need to give Cutler more time…


  2. November 4, 2008 6:18 AM

    I love Jay Cutler Jon. But we still need to look at the big picture. I got way to attached to Jake Plummer a couple years back and when he left I couldn’t stand it. I have hope for him but he just needs to make a come back. The O-Line I think is still as good but we have went up against some great pass rushers and all of our sacks are coming of the TE.

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