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Saturday’s Horsing Around With Jon Krause

November 1, 2008

Sunday Week 9 – November 2, 2008: The Broncos will play Miami @ Invesco Field At Mile High on CBS. It’s horrible how good the Dolphins are this year, the have a record of 3-4, but compared to last years 1-15 that is amazing. I can’t believe how well they’ve done – especially Ronnie Brown. They will be a hard team. The last six seasons the Broncos are 6-0 coming off the bye with Mike Shanahan, so that will help. Some “experts” think that Denver could even start off 5-0 after this bye.

If you look at their schedule that’s not all to unpractical, but don’t start talk’n yet. We’ve lost 3 of our last 4, and getting back on the winning track is a very hard thing to do once you’ve got off. The bye game at the best time, even though we’ll be without Champ Bailey, and his little bro Boss, the Broncos are doing pretty good injury wise. The Broncos are getting the following back from injury: TE and Jay Cutler’s favorite target Tony Scheffler, WR the best slot guy in the NFL who has 2 TD’s on the year Brandon Stokley, also RB who needs 5 yards this week to reach 1,000 career yards.

Coming off a sweet rookie year Selvin Young has disappointed, though it’s not much his fault with only 47 carries, and a line that is much better withpass blocking. He also has to share his load with Andre Hall, Pittman, and now Torain. If Selvin gets healthy, and holds on to his starting job he could be great.

“Everybody’s upbeat and looking forward to finishing this season off the right way, We have to go out there and play good football. That’s the bottom line for us.”

Said Stokley, who is coming off a concussion.

Hopefully we get back to our winning ways and pay revenge on the Dolphins from our 34-10 loss in ’05, the year we went to the AFC Champ game.

As usuall we’ll do the cases, Passing, Rushing, and ‘D’:

Passing Case: Broncos, Jay Cutler, 163 completions, 1862 yards, 13 TD’s and 7 INT’s. Favorite target: Brandon Marshall, 49 catches,  598 yards, 3 TD’s. Overview: Denver passing game has been off track the last few games but hope to rebound against the Fins. With Tony Scheffler coming back Jay looks to have another great fantasy day. Dolphins, Chad Pennington, 140 completions, 1710 yards, 7 TD’s and 3 INT’s. Favtarget (This can be disputed, but I’m going with my opinion) Ted Ginn Jr. 27 catches, 352 yards, 0 TD’s. Overview: The Dolphins have not had a good QB in a LONG time, and Chad is no Pro Bowl QB, but his TD-INT ratio is never bad. And with Ted Ginn starting to grow up their passing game could become a nice compliment to their run game. Winner: I have to say Denver, though the stats may be kinda in the Fins favor, when the Broncos get rolling the really roll. And I think that they we’ll start rolling in the second half of the season.

Rushing Case: Dolphins, Ronnie Brown…just wow. He has become a fantasy impact over night. With 98 carries, he has 406 yards, and a beautiful 7 TD’s. He also has a nice one-two punch from Ricky Willimas who has 2 TD’s of his own. Leading blocker (FB) Lousaka Polite has spent time with the Cowboys and Bears, and is only starting for the Fins because their starter is hurt, as far as I know he’s okay. Fins Overview: One of the, if not the best, rushing teams in the NFL. Broncos, Michael Pittman 69 carries, 316 yards and 4 TD’s. Leading blocker (FB) Spencer Larson, he can block, he does not have any carries, and we’ll see how he pans out. Denver Overview: The Broncos running game has not be itself ever since the signing of free agent Travis Henry last year. Henry did not perform and we had to learn to rely on our passing game. Since then we have not been able to find it again. Oh how I miss it, did you know that the Broncos have not scored a rushing TD since September 28th of this year! Are you kid’n me? Those stats are worse than our defensive stats. That is so awful, we need to run the old rock more often. Winner: Fins, well they did not have much competition, but they are pretty good compared to any team.

‘D’ Case: Miami Dolphins, ranked 12th in points, 20th in yards, 17 sacks, 4 INT’s, most tackles, Yeremiah Bell, 55 tackles, 0 sacks. Overview Fins: The Dolphins ‘D’ is not too bad, and Joey Porter is a Pro Bowl possibility with 10 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. Denver Broncos, ranked 29th in points, 30th in yards, 17 sacks, 2 INT’s. Most tackles, D.J. Williams, 69 tackles, 2 sacks. Broncos ‘D’ overview: The Broncos defense is sad. Winner: The Dolphins I think have a better ‘D’, right now. 

This could be rookie Ryan Torain debut, and in training camp Coach Mike Shanny spoke very highly of him, and the last time a rookie made a debut for the Broncos after Shanahan spoke highly of in training  camp the results were incredible! Eddie Royal surprised the NFL in his debut, in the draft he was the Broncos second pick, one by many ( I hate to admit even myself ) thought was almost a wasted draft pick. Though it did not look too bad because the Broncos needed a good return guy and Eddie was good at that. Never did we imagine that he’d impress in practice and win the #2 spot across from Brandon Marshall! In his first game against Oakland he had 9 catches, 146 yards, and a TD! Now those are some numbers! To say that Ryan Torain will be up such gaughty numbers would be unrealistic, but I doubt he’ll disappoint. What do you think? Let your voice be heard in the fan poll:

This will be a big game for us, with just another 4 days away it would be very bad to lose.

Since there will not be a weekend [Saturday] in between Sunday and our next game on Thursday, I’ll do a little on the Browns game. This game will be a very special game for me, because I’ll be at the game. 🙂 On ebay my brother was looking at tickets, below the picture that showed the view it said this: “Come see these two bitter rivals that simply hate each other. The Browns potent aerial attack comprised of D. Anderson, Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow faces a stern test in Champ Bailey, Dre Bly and DJ Williams.”  (That info is from ProSports Tickets, Cleveland Browns vs Denver Broncos Tickets 40 YARD LINE I was like wow! LOL, that’s so stupid, what people will say these days. That is to say the least major false advertising! First off, rivals!? Since when?

The Broncos have never been rivals with da “dawgs”. I don’t know any Bronco fan who has a problem with ’em. Maybe the Browns (and their fans) view us as bitter rivals? I don’t think, and they sure aren’t our rivals. Second, potent aerial attack! What, are you kid’n me? Okay, Derek Anderson has 7 TD’s against 6 INT’s and a rating of 67.1! Now that is not potent. And Braylon Edwards has 2 TD’s, nothing special.

Thirdly, a stern test? A ‘D’ ranked close to last, ummm, yeah I don’t think so. And Champ will not even be in the game. While Dre’ has not had a INT since December 13th last year. So yeah don’t listen to people who are not professionals, and even if they are you still don’t know. But don’t get me wrong it will be a great game. It will be the first Bronco game that I’ve been to since 2005. When we beat the Bills, I’ll always remember when Rod Smith caught a tipped TD pass, when Jason Elam kicked a field goal, and when Bell had a nice TD run, that was called back for holding.

I’m not sure why, but those are the three plays I’ll always remember. When you go to a Broncos game you get memories that will last you forever. I can’t wait till the game, oh, and did I mention that the game is on my birthday? November is the best month of the year (to me anyway) and if the Broncos start if off with 2 wins I’ll be nothing short of “Very Happy”.

As always here is a video (which I hate, but is true) Preview Of The Dolphins and Broncos Game, and also a HOF debate. Adam Schefter, who is’s big fantasy guy gives a good point on why T.D. should be in the Hall. Enjoy, Go Broncos!!

Jon Krause is a member of the Bronco Madness staff, you can find his own blog at Broncos Zone.


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