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Broncos vs Dolphins Week 8 Preview

November 1, 2008

It is a bye week and the Broncos got a little R & R. With all the injuries we have been facing it seems like a good time to have the bye week. Now we can turn the season around and get back on the playoff track. With the Chargers 2 games behind this is the perfect time to widen our lead in the AFC West.

Starting of course with our film room, Brandon Marshall we all know can do about anything you ask him to. This includes blocking. Check out this great block by him. Second, a reminder that we need to watch this wildcat offense. It can do some crazy things. 


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HOT: Elvis Dumervil after a recent hiatus from Sacksville is back on track and is on fire! He may have been the only bright spot of the entire New England game with a whopping 2 sacks! Elvis had a thumb injury early in the season which as you could see hurt his production. But boy, he looks good again and is back to bringing Doom.

NOT: I never wanted to say this, but Jay Cutler is *gulp* not. After his worst performance of the season against New England he needs to get back to his self. He was the MVP of September but has had a bad October. Now that we are in November he can hopefully get back to himself. After 1 Touchdown and 2 Interceptions against the Patriots he better.

HOT: Chad Pennington now with the Dolphins is having his best season in recent memory. After two straight average seasons he is now back on top with an unlikely team. Last week he had 1 Touchdown and 314 yards utalized Ted Ginn for really the first time this season and Ginn ended up with his best game since… well college.

HOT: Ronnie Brown started the season above the clouds and a powerhouse Running Back. He is starting to fall back down to earth though. While still putting up decent numbers he had only 41 yards last week against the Bills and only 11 the week before. (I should know, he is on my fantasy football team). He is hoping though to pick up against the Broncos.


If there was ever a week for Jay Cutler to get back on track it would be this one. I am not saying that the Dolphins are bad. Actually, I think they have improved tremendously and look very good right now. But (and there is a but) their Passing Defense is let’s just say… terrible. They have had on the season only 4 Interceptions. I am not saying ours is any better because it is not, but Jay Cutler should eat this defense alive.

They are ranked 20th in allowing passing yards and teams average about 333.7 yards against them total. They average 233.3 passing yards total. Jay Cutler should be able to get a bunch of Touchdowns and a whole lot of passing yards. If there was any time to make a comeback it would be now. The Chargers are 3-5 and I truly want to see us take advantage of that.

Though there is a bright side, while the Dolphins have the best sack attack in the league right now, the Broncos have one of the best O-Lines which could help Jay Cutler stay poised in the pocket. When a good QB goes up against the Dolphins and is able to stay comfortable in the pocket they can pick apart the pass defense perfectly and reek havoc on the Dolphins.

That would be my goal for today’s game. I have a strange defensive scheme for today that just might beat the Wildcat Formation. If we are using the 3-4 defense today than we have one extra Linebacker. If I was Bob Slowik I would make one of those Linebackers stay on the Quarterback instead of focusing on the Running Back and leaving that for Nate Webster. Here is how it would work:

As you can see in the strategy above, the MAC (Webster) will play large zone coverage down field and assist as almost a third Safety but also spy on the run game. The WILL (Williams) will blitz on Brown and Pennington forcing them to pitch the ball. The extra Linebacker (Woodyard) will play on the Quarterback forcing sacks, forced fumbles and pressure behind the line of scrimmage. My Left End (Moss only because he fits the job) will spy on Brown and contain the line. The other two Linemen will blitz. By using this, they can contain the Wildcat formation well. They won’t use it but they should.

So that is what I think should happen and some stuff that will. The Broncos need to win this game. It is life or death for our situation in the AFC. I can’t wait for tomorrows game. 

  1. November 1, 2008 6:28 PM

    G, it works better, is easier to see, and is cooler to use Madden! lol
    Just make the play on Madden, go to practice, take some screenshots, and boom 🙂

  2. November 1, 2008 6:52 PM

    I know I considered using it. But this was quicker and easier for me. lol

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