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Roster Moves Coming Soon…

October 22, 2008

By Monday next week, you can expect to see some roster moves that the Broncos will make. I think that they all have upsides but I want to hear your opinion too.

With Patrick Ramsey, Boss Bailey, and Eric Pears all out for the season we need to fill some roster spots. It will start with the signing of Chad Jackson according to multiple reports. He has agreed to sign a contract on Monday with us. Jackson was a star at Florida University and has a insane 4.2 second 40 yard dash. 

The Wide Receiver was cut last year by the Patriots after they well… figured out they had the best Wide Receiver team in the NFL and did not have room for him. He is still very talented and could replace Darrell Jackson who needs to stop the injuries and missed catches.

Also Practice Squad Quarterback and a big fan mine, Darrell Hackney will be signed to the active roster with the injury to Patrick Ramsey. He may compete with another veteran QB. It is still up in the air on whether he will do so. 

To finish it off we are also dropping Steven Harris from our practice squad. I think that is so we can sign a new DT to later replace Josh Shaw on the active roster for his total misconduct in the locker room. He should be put on notice about that.

I like the Chad Jackson move and his speed could make him a great option on longer throws. You know how I feel about how every player on the roster should contribute in some way to the team. That is a move that could help us in just that way.


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