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Game Review & Prognosis

October 21, 2008

Wow that was embarrassing. There are about no excuses that you could possibly make for why we lost that game. Jay Cutler’s bad finger, Maybe. But once you get past that there is nothing that I can think of. So here is the game review. Sorry it is late. I did not have a preview either. So anyway I have sucked. But so have many of the players. Also, we have a new feature in the review. Since I live around stupid Raider fans and a bunch of them I will give you some dumb comment one made.

Jay Cutler was off tune all game. It started with a blow to the Index Finger on the first play of the game. It would result in two Interception and one Touchdown. I have not heard the status yet on the injury. I believe that it is a sprained finger though. While he did have an injury and that is somewhat of an excuse for his performance he had some terrible decision making also. The worst of which was his throw to Darrell Jackson which was picked off. Terrible throw. 

Michael Pittman was good. Not great but solid. He also had a minor injury early in the game. He ended up with 88 yards but not a Touchdown. Honestly I think that he looked better than his stats showed. I felt we were seeing that old Mile High Magic with Running Backs. I was happy with him overall. Still he needs to keep on fighting for yards. Andre Hall though… Well let’s just say that with Mike Shanahan he may never play another down of Football in his life. Expect him to drop under Ryan Torain in the Depth Chart with -7 yards and 2 fumbles. Terrible beyond belief.

As for receiving, we should note that Jay Cutler’s injury did leave somewhat of a stain on their stats. Eddie Royal caught a lot of balls (a total of 9) and ended up with 66 yards. It was obvious that with the injury Cutler would look for Royal on short routes. He had 71 yards receiving. Brandon Marshall had 77 yards and no Touchdowns. He looked good but also suffered under Cutler’s absence. As for the Tight Ends, Daniel Graham redeemed himself to me a bit with 27 yards and the only receiving Touchdown in the game.

The O-Line had their worst game this season letting up two sacks. That would be their 4th this season. That is really good but I did see a lack of blocking on a couple of players parts. I liked how both tackles looked but the interior line had something to be asked for. Ryan Clady had a couple of great blocks though I might add and by far I thought had the best offensive performance of the Broncos. 

Oh Defense… Where do I begin? Well I guess I will start with the good news. This 3-4 Defensive Scheme is destroying defenses with Pass Rushing. It is a thing to admire. Elvis Dumervil has bounced back from a slow start to the season with two sacks. It was phenomenal. Everybody had a part in this pass rush game and that was the best thing we did all day. Matt Cassell made some bad throws too because of it. Mind you, he did not have that many bad throws last night. 

The Run Defense though was the worst. I thought we had turned this page. We need better run defense now. I think that two guys who have definitely helped the cause are Webster, and Robertson. They have helped. With Boss Bailey and Champ Bailey out for a while and backups doing more than I would like them to do I thought we were very bad. Kenny Peterson is working well as a pass rusher but has not been a good guy to plug the hole. Ebenezer Ekuban is also in that same boat. Elvis Dumervil has improved at Run Defense but still is nore perfect.

The Pass Defense is bad also. When Champ Bailey leaves we all fall down. Randy Moss had both of his Touchdowns after Bailey left the game I would like to add. Dre’ Bly is old and I think that Jack Williams has been very solid. Maybe we need to shop Bly a bit and see what we can get for him. Calvin Lowry could have been better but was still decent. Manuel was terrible and I am totally ready to hire a real Safety. I think that we need to get John Lynch back. I know people feel betrayed but this is just not worth it.


Have I not preached ball control yet? That will destroy us. Andre Hall does not deserve to play after that performance. Embarrassing. Also, Cutler is included. Don’t make stupid passes. Is that not the golden rule of Football?

Don’t get injured. Clear and simple.

Try to use bigger Linebackers such as Jarvis Moss (If they would just change his position already), to go help the D-Lineman if they fail the tackle and to plug the hole.


O: Ryan Clady (Great Blocks.)

D: Nate Webster (On Fire.)

ST: Eddie Royal (Because Nobody really did anything but him.)


“Well, I guess we see now how good Brandon Marshall is without Jay Cutler at his top level! It is only Cutler that makes him so good. He would be terrible with anyone else.”

-Mind you, he said Jay Cutler was terrible three days before that comment. Ay…


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