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Dre’ Bly Fined For Referee Comments

October 19, 2008

Friday, Dre’ Bly was fined for referee comments on the bogus calls in our game against the Jaguars for a total of $20,000 dollars.

Bly vented his frustration at two questionable calls made by the officials during the game – two calls that turned the tide in the Jaguars’ favor. First, an illegal contact penalty called against Bly in the third quarter raised eyebrows; Bly was tackled by opposing wide receiver Reggie Williams during the play.

Later Marlon McCree was called for pass interference while the Jaguars were driving for ball possession and the win late in the fourth quarter. There was no real foul on the play but we were still penalized.

“I guess they’ve been evaluating us and saying we won games we shouldn’t have won. So, I guess they’re going to get a call against us.” Those were the quotes that Bly made about the refs in the game. I think that it is pretty stupid he would make comments like that. It was not worth the money he knew he would have to pay.

Here is what I think: Get over it. It does not really matter. We won the Chargers game by a bad ref call, I think that we should not be complaining when refs have been helping us all year long. This is no conspiracy so let’s just shut up and move on. It’s over.


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