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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: Joe Burnett

October 16, 2008

Wow, it has been a little while since I did my last draft profile but trust me it was worth it as I have a brand new feature for it. We will now have polls at the end of the profile to get your opinion on the player. It may be anything from whether they will be a stud or dud to their draft grade. It is a new and exciting feature and we will begin it with Joe Burnett.

Burnett Chases After A Receiver


Name: Joe Burnett

Position: Cornerback

School: Central Florida

Height & Weight: 5-11 / 185

Class: Senior

What I Think: Joe Burnett is overrated. That is hard when you are in a low tier of Cornerbacks in the draft but he still manages it. While some might beg to differ with me, pointing out his 6 Interceptions in 2007 the truth is that he is just not a 4th round or higher draft pick. What I like about him is that he is a great Punt Returner. That is the only reason that I would give this guy much consideration for a higher pick. He earned first team All-Conference USA honors as a punt returner for the third-consecutive season and first team honors as a defensive back for the second time in his career. My problem with him is first of all he is not a great tackler. The reason that he has had 60+ in the past is because people are fine with throwing near him. He is overlooked as a guy to avoid and therefore it results in him getting more tackles and more Interceptions. Burnett is not the player who I want tackling in the open field which I find one of his biggest weaknesses. I do like his ability to jam Wide Receivers though. It causes overthrows and limits where the receiver can go. That may be what makes him so good at getting QB’s to overthrow him. Another problem with him though is that he tries for the Interception. I am a believer in that Interceptions happen by accident. Go for the tackle, not the INT. Burnett is a good second day value but not the player who a team should put a lot of trust in.

Draft Grade: C


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