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The Jay Cutler Slide And Why…

October 15, 2008

There is a bit of a slide and we can see it. Jay Cutler is not the Jay Cutler he was the first 3 weeks of the season. Some people are just saying it is because we took on some tough defenses. That is true. But there has been a slide and I think that I have broken it down here.

First off injuries on offense have been hurting him. Even if the player that has the injury plays, it still does not mean that they will be as good as usual. For instance Tony Scheffler has been very effective when healthy but takes a substantial drop in the quality of his play when he is injured. That affects him and Cutler.

As you can see, these past few weeks Cutler has had his QB rating drop from the high 90’s to the very low 80’s. The 80’s are decent but are not at the level that he is at. Cutler has a boatload of talent and shouldn’t be making the mistakes he is. At this point he should know to not do some of the things that he is doing. That would be tight passes.

Cutler has a tendency to still lock on a receiver and not look at the coverage resulting in Interceptions and incomplete passes. It makes me furious that he thinks he can do that. He is talented but no Quarterback can make some throws that he has tried. I will never forget about how Brandon Marshall was in double coverage and Cutler threw to him instead of Tony Scheffler who was wide open and down field. As you could guess it was an Interception.

Patience is important and I was excited how he showed that against the Buccaneers but you have to show that every game. We are going up against a great defense in the Patriots and that is another game where he needs to use the patience that we all know he has…

I also think that he does need to adjust his attitude a bit. I have nothing wrong with thinking that you are good if you are. I have nothing against being self confident. But when that gets in the way of your decision making it is not good. There is a point where you have to know that sometimes you can just not make a pass. When Cutler makes an incompletion it seems like it will be an Interception. When he makes a pass it can be a Touchdown.

Also remember, spreading the ball helps you mix up the passing game. Marshall and Royal aren’t your only real targets. Let’s get some Nate Jackson, Glenn Martinez, Michael Pittman passes in there. By the way I did not get to say it because I did not have my game review but Michael Pittman and committing to him will really help us down the road.

Cutler, I love you to death man. Maybe I am being a bit harsh. You have done a great job and are making better progress than I could have ever asked from you but please, just be smart. Make good passes and know your limits. You are not Super Man. Do not listen to media, the fan buzz, or even myself. Just try your best and know that you need to fall back down to earth and try harder. Don’t feel bad, just fix it.

  1. October 16, 2008 6:12 AM

    You know what his problem is? His name is TONY SCHEFFLER status: injured

  2. October 16, 2008 6:21 PM

    I gotta disagree with most of the post. I actually think Cutler played extremely well against Jacksonville, considering the injuries. The Patriots are the easiest defense we’ve faced since the Chiefs, but that didn’t go well. Half of our turnovers recently are fumbles and a lot of those are by wide receivers, inexcusable. Don’t worry about Jay, he’ll be fine. Is the rest of this team going to re-find the passion they had in the opening weeks of the season?

  3. October 16, 2008 6:33 PM

    I think that the Pats defense is very good. There linebacker core is deep and while their Cornerbacks do leave something to ask for, the depth at Safety makes up for it. I know that we will pull back and Cutler will be fine but I still think that there is a good reason for this slide.

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