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How I Saw It: Jaguars Beat Broncos 24-17

October 14, 2008

Garrett here. Sorry about not having a game review for you. I am buried in work lately and have some relatives in town but you will get Jeff’s review of the game so do not worry my friends. 

Jay Cutler 11 Yard Touchdown Pass to Brandon Stokley     Broncos 7     Jaguars 0

Great Opening drive by the Broncos this week and exactly what they needed to get the rhythm of the offense going. Unfortunately it didn’t last and a big reason was that Stokley got a concussion on the next play he was involved in. We played most of this game without Young, Scheffler, Royal and Stokley and it showed in our passing offense.

Fred Taylor Fumble

Big time hit by Webster and gave the Broncos an opportunity to go up big on a team that is not built to come back from two touchdowns. But…

Jay Cutler Fumble

Jay has to protect the ball if he is going to get out of the pocket. Two straight weeks now we’ve created a turnover and given the ball right back to the opposing team with a fresh set of downs.

Josh Scobee Field Goal      Broncos 7      Jaguars 3

Good job by the defense. They hold them to a long field goal and get the offense back on the field quickly.

Jay Cutler Intercepted by Gerald Sensabaugh

Not the worst interception Cutler’s ever thrown. There was clearly nothing there on third down and he decided to take a shot deep instead of throw the ball away. It gives you an opportunity to make a play and if it fails, it plays like a good punt.

Defense Holds

Another good stand by the Broncos defense. Jacksonville got one first down and was forced to punt. Jones-Drew had a couple of nice runs by this point, but the Jags pass offense was non-existant.

Brandon Marshall Fumble

Frakking Fumbles. As was the case against KC, our inability to just hold the ball led to our downfall this week. I know Marshall hates to go down, but we had a first and goal situation facing us…just go out of bounds. At worst we get a field goal, probably a touchdown and a 14-3 lead.

Maurice Jones-Drew 1 Yard Touchdown     Broncos 7     Jaguars 10

A ten minute drive. Exactly how the Jags beat us last year. Jacksonville converted on 3 third downs and David Garrard was suddenly Joe Montana. Drew did the Mile High Salute following his touchdown…you’re no TD, MJD.

Failed 4th Down Conversion

I’m not going to knock Shanahan too much for going for it, because I have consistently heralded his aggression. Still it’s three more points left on the field. How did Pittman not get that one yard though. For those keeping score if we just play smart it’s 17-10, minimum.

David Garrard Fumble

It stopped what probably would have been a field goal drive. Our defense is blamed for every loss but they played well on all but one drive in the first half.


Despite three turnovers and three of our top receivers being out, we were within a field goal.

Maurice Jones-Drew 46 Yard Touchdown Run     Broncos 7     Jaguars 17

As I have been saying all year, the Broncos come out of the half looking terrible every single week. I don’t know what the deal is. I knew Drew would have a big day and was not the least bit surprised that he busted a big run against us. To me, it was over here.

Matt Prater Field Goal      Broncos 10       Jaguars 17

Cutler did not look good after halftime. Michael Pittman did however and carried the load on this scoring drive. Pittman became our first 100 yard rusher this year and deserves to be the starter at this point.

David Garrard 30 Yard Touchdown Pass to Marcedes Lewis      Broncos 10       Jaguars 24

This was, of course, preceded by a completely BS illegal contact call on Dre Bly. He had clearly established position and the receiver ran right into him. I believe more each week that the officials come into the game leaning away from the Broncos so as not to be chastised as too “Ed Hochuli” like.

Offensive Pass Interference On Brandon Marshall

Yep, it’s interference when we do it.

Denver 3 and Out

This one came with 12 minutes on the clock. By now, Cutler was staring down Marshall on every play and he just wasn’t there.

Jay Cutler 11 Yard Touchdown Pass to Daniel Graham       Broncos 17      Jaguars 24

The defense holds again and I continue to say they played very well this week. About time Daniel Graham does something productive.

Broncos get the Ball Back and go Three and Out with 5 Minutes Remaining

Again, the defense gets us the ball back. It’s followed by a 4 yard run by Pittman and two incomplete passes over the middle to who else but Marshall. We had to punt here because we had all three time outs, but this was our last real chance.

Pass Interference Call on Marlon McCree

Obviously, there was no pass interference on the play. It would have been 3rd and 8 and Jacksonville may well have had to punt back to us. This was the third penalty of the game on Denver that Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel pointed out were bad calls. The media won’t say it, but we’re even now…the refs may have helped against San Diego, but they took this game out of our hands.

Jacksonville Kills the Clock

Would have liked to get a stop, but it would hardly have mattered. They were getting at least a field goal after the penalty which would have been enough to end the game anyway.

Final Thoughts

We lost to a good team and one that has always been successful against us. They owned the clock and did what they had to do to win. That said, the officials screwed us and I’m not sure that’s not intentional. We also came within a touchdown of that very good team without Selvin Young, Eddie Royal, Tony Scheffler, and for the most part Stokley. And we did it despite three turnovers and three terrible calls.


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