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Jaguars @ Broncos Week 6 Preview

October 12, 2008

Hey my friends! The Broncos are ready for revenge against the Jaguars who last year “manhandled” us. Now, we are ready to go in there and get another win. So stick here for all the best Denver Broncos coverage. We are ready to roll now…

Starting of course with our film room, we have a great video of the Broncos against the Steelers denying Hines Ward of a Touchdown and stripping him for a fumble. That was a much better defense than we have now. Second, a weapon that the Jags can use that we need to watch out for.

Here is the injury report for the game thanks to BroncoTalk!

As for the weather report it seems there might be a slight chance of rain. Thanks Weather Underground!

Click for full game report!


HOT: The Broncos D Line is on fire. This is the first time ever that I have done a group of players for who is hot but they are. In total they had three sacks against the Buccaneers and put on pressure all day long. Elvis Dumervil is reforming to his great self and I am excited to see them come back this week and possibly reek more havoc. 

NOT: Marcus Thomas I apologize but you are not. Sure you got an Interception but what did it matter if you were just to fumble it. Hold on to the ball for pete’s sake! I mean seriously… He needs to have more of a presence on that filed. Last week he could not get a tackle of your own. He had two assists. That means he could not bring down a guy himself. 

HOT: Mike Walker out of nowhere has become extremely hot for the Jaguars. He had over 100 yards last week in a loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He and Garrard have some great chemistry and could be a big factor in this game against us. But still, if he lines up with Champ Bailey I wouldn’t expect the ball thrown his way too much.

NOT: Fred Taylor last week was not as the star Running Back averaged only 1.9 rushing yards and couldn’t even get a touchdown. His performance was nothing to be admired. He got 10 touches and only had 19 yards total. It excited no one but Steelers fans last week.


The Jags and Broncos game is getting a bit more hype than I expected it to. For some reason Broncos fans seem really bent on revenge. I don’t get why. It was not that important of a game and we just lost. My guess why we want this win so badly is last year the loss set us up for a bad season so a win here sets us up for a good one I guess…

But that’s just my two cents worth. On the other hand, we are going into a game that is the eye of the storm for the Denver Broncos. Last week, this week, and next weeks games have or will all be against playoff teams from last year. So these may be some of the harder games of this season. Th Jaguars may be the hardest and we need to step it up to win.

I am worried about David Garrard scrambling. That may be my biggest fear about the Jaguars. We have not been tested by a scrambling Quarterback yet this season and I doubt we fare very well against one. He is fast and can actually run you over. Garrard and Vince Young both are the two best scramblers in the league. We don’t have to face Young but Garrard could be a threat.

That is why we need to utilize the 3-4 defense well. With more Linebackers we can expect less scrambling form him and if he does he will have less yards. Expect D.J to blitz some though to get him to scramble only to be met by Boss Bailey or if he has made the move to Linebacker yet, Jarvis Moss. It could be interesting seeing how that works.

I am just looking forward to the game. It should be fun and I think that the Broncos will probably be able to pull it out even though it will not be easy. Expect more passing and some big numbers for Jay but less rushing yards for our Running Backs. 

  1. October 14, 2008 2:16 PM

    Does Garrett not like the Steerlers?
    No reason both videos were against them right? (Wrong, Garrett has a thing with them ever since the ’05 Champ game)

    lol jk

  2. October 14, 2008 4:22 PM

    Oh my gosh you’re right about the videos lol. I actually had a good friend who liked them and I not only did they beat us that game which made me angry but I would rip on the friend over them. So it could be subconsious lol.

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