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Saturday’s Horsing Around With Jon Krause

October 11, 2008

This Saturday I’ll still give like I so often  do a short game preview, but first I wanna tell you about something that has me worried. So, let’s get rolling:

The NFL as you and I know it is in danger of disappearing. No don’t worry the NFL is not coming to an end. But the Big Heads in the NFL are trying to “Modernize, and make the NFL a safer sport”. Now I know hitting a guy in the head is uncalled for and down-right dangerous, and a cheap shot is uncalled for-But you have to let them play the game! When I watched highlights of the Week 1 game when the Pats played the Chiefs, they showed the play when Brady got hurt. The first thing I thought was “Oh boy, that was a fantastic effort by that Chief!” And now some are complaining it was a cheap shot! In Week 4 two weeks ago, the NFL made the following fines: 

$50,000 fine and one-game suspension to Jets safety Eric Smith for launching himself into a helmet-to-helmet collision with Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin; a $25,000 fine to Saints safety Kevin Kaesviharn for helmet-to-helmet contact with 49ers rookie receiver Josh Morgan; a $10,000 fine to Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Falcons rookie quarterback Matt Ryan; and a $5,000 fine to Chiefs defensive lineman Turk McBride for a late hit on Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.  This is not right, the NFL will not have 70,000 fans at a game watching and screaming if Safety’s and Linebacker’s are scared of getting fined! John Lynch said about the whole recent fining business:

“When I first came into the league, if someone said, ‘Aw, you ought to be fined,’ everybody would say, ‘Shut up and play football,’  It used to be just part of business and you knew, ‘Alright, I signed up for this. It’s a tough game.’ But I think the fact is, for the first time that I can remember, players are talking about, ‘Well, he should be fined for that.’ It used to be media might have talked about it, but now you’re hearing players talking about it, and that’s because it’s become a part of the culture.” 

Another great former hitter Conrad Dobler who played in ’72-81 pointed out: “These guys think that, just because the quarterback can wear a skirt, everybody should wear a skirt,There’s no place to hide in between those white lines. When people look at my knees and see those scars on them, they ask, ‘Do all football players have scars like that on their knees?’ I say, ‘Only the ones that played.’ Hey, it’s a pugilistic type of sport. Someone is going to get hurt. And every time someone gets hurt, (the perception is) it was a dirty play.

I respect commissioner Roger Goodell, and think he does a good job. And rarely do I disagree or react like I have about his latest statement to all 32 NFL teams: “From this point forward, you should be clear on the following point: Any conduct that unnecessarily risks the safety of other players has no role in the game of football and will be disciplined at increased levels, including on a first offense.”  He ordered that that memo had to be read to EVERY player in the NFL! It’s just wrong, players will be afraid to lay out somebody and nobody will watch football anymore.

John Lynch recalled: ‘If it’s wigglin’, hit it,’That was the mantra of the Bucs’ defense. Nowadays if you did that, a flag would go up in a second.” Remember in 2004 if I remember right, when John Lynch killed Dallas Clark? The “great play” that made all the highlight reels? That hit cost him $75,000. Lynch shortly after said, if you make a great play you get fined for it. Now again I’ll say, I know we don’t want guys getting hurt, and helmet-to-helmet is dangerous and should not be done.

But then what happens is this, not to long ago Lynch had a shot to get a massive hit on a WR coming across the middle, “and I kind of eased up for the first time in my career, The ball was close to being overthrown, I eased up and the guy caught it. I said, ‘I can’t believe I just did that.’ ” Said Lynch, whom was fined about half a dozen times in his great career was my favorite player-mainly because of his hitting ability. To many rules and restrictions are going overboard, and will harm the way the great game is played. After all the rules and all the other stuff,“By the end, you’re not playing football anymore.” –John Lynch 

Football is a contact sport, please just let it be one! I hope I made my point, and that the NFL will stay a “tough, rough, contact game”. Now, let’s talk Jags…

I know that Garrett will give a full injury report on the game tomorrow, so I’ll just tell you the major injuries. Tony Scheffler along with Selvin Young for sure will not play, Eddie Royal and Ekuban are maybes-slanting as a probable. The Jags have none that are that major that I know of.

Week 6,  Oct. 12, 2008. Invesco Field@Mile High. Jaguars (2-3) @ Broncos (4-1). Oh boy, oh boy. It’ll be a showdown for sure. We are hungry for revenge from last year. Last post I begged the ‘D’ to step up, and boy did they, our new 3-4 ‘D’ is working wonders. Why did we not think about this before? It is working incredibly. And now Jarvis Moss may be one of the out side linebackers in the game. We just gotta show up against David, Jones-Drew, and Fredie. Last year Elvis had a nice game against Garrard, but our run ‘D’ was another story.

But this year our run ‘D’ should be a different story, this is how our 3-4 will work, we have our ends Elvis And Ekuaban (most likely) and as our tackle Dyawne Robertson (or maybe Nic Clemons) and as our line backers we have Nate Webster, Boss Bailey, D.J. Williams, and maybe Jarvis Moss, if not Jamie Winborn. Our line is able to cause enough of a rush to give Champ and Dre a shot at the ball, while we have at least 7 guys in the box on EVERY play!

Running against that is easier said than done! A quote from Jamie Dukes on NFLN: “Jay Cutler is a third down machine!…I really think Denver is gonna win this football game” He said that after they noted that the Jags ‘D’ is poor on third down. But they have some corners that are “ball hawks” if you will, so Jay needs to be careful.

This week I’m gonna do something new, and depending on the reaction I’ll see if I’ll keep doing it each week. It’s Passing Case, Running Case, and ‘D’ case.

Passing Case: Jay Cutler 125 completions, 1502 yards, and 10 TD’s. David Garrard: 97 completions, 983 yards, 3 TD’s. Winner: Jay Cutler-by far! Jay’s fav: B-Marsh, 34 catches, 423 yards, and 3 TD’s. David’s fav: Matt Jones, 23 catches, 269 yards, and 1 TD. Winner: Brandon-mainly because he has found the end zone more often. Overall: Broncos win the passing case.

Rushing Case: Fred Taylor, 69 carries, 232 yards, 3.4 AVG, and 1 TD. M.J. Drew, 43 carries, 176 yards, and 3 TD’s. Selvin Young, 47 carries, 266 yards, 5.7 AVG, and 1 TD. Michael Pittman, 29 carries, 119 yards, 4.1 AVG, 4 TD’s. Winner: Jones-Drew-It’s a very hard call, and that award could easily be taken away. Best Lead Blocker (FB) Greg Jones (Jags) since ’04 Jones has 12 total TD’s, and as far as I know he’s a good blocker. Spencer Larsen, the rookie has only played one game, so it’s very hard to say, we do know he can hit 🙂 Winner: Jones-only because because he’s played longer, if Spencer was not a rookie it may have been a totally different story. Overall: The Jags win the rushing case.

‘D’ Case: Jaguars, 21st in yards, 17th in points, 8 sacks, 5 INT’s, leading tackler: Brian Williams, 33 tackels, 0 sacks. Broncos, 29th in yards, 25th in points, 9 sacks, 2 INT’s leading tackler: D.J. Williams, 45 tackels, 2 sacks. Winner: Jags-I hate to say it, on paper yes, but if our 3-4 keeps playing good, farther into the season we’ll have a better ‘D’.

“They want to get that nasty taste out of their mouth from that loss, and they’re going to come down here with everything they’ve got trying to win this football game,” Michael Pittman said. “So as a team we’ve got to be prepared for them.”

Did you know that Jags DE Reggie Hayward was a Bronco in 01-04 and was great across from Trever (Price) racking up 22 sacks in his Bronco stint. Denver aims for its seventh straight home victory, dating back to last season. The Broncos need only one win to get up to 400th franchise wins. The game will be a double header on CBS, so be sure to watch it.

Jon Krause is a member of the Bronco Madness staff. You can see his own blog at Denver Broncos News By Jon.

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