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Exclusive Draft Profile: Brandon Pettigrew

October 8, 2008

We are picking up the Bronco Madness Draft Profiles with a Tight End. His name is Brandon Pettigrew and is one of the best of this years Tight End class. I hope you enjoy our latest installment in our series of Draft Profiles.

Pettigrew Breaks A Tackle


Name: Brandon Pettigrew

Position: Tight End

College: Oklahoma St.

Hight & Weight: 6-5 / 265

Class: Senior

What I Think: What kind of Tight End can break tackles? The Brandon Pettigrew kind. That’s who! He has the best mobility I have seen in ages for a Tight End of his size. He reminds me of Tony Gonzalez of the Chiefs in his balance of size and speed. Did I mention his blocking? He is so good at actually being able to shut down a Lineman that he might as well be a Offensive Tackle. Pettigrew is not like some Tight Ends who are afraid of contact. He loves it. He can also live with a bit of bad accuracy from a QB because unlike most Tight Ends he can use his skills to work around it. He has averaged 15.4 yards per reception which is exceptional for a Tight End. He is different because he has the ability to run for extra yards and use moves to throw off defenders. It reminds me of Tony Scheffler too in that respect. Last year he produced one of the finest performances of his career against Texas with a career-high eight receptions for a career-best 87 yards with a touchdown. It is fantastic how he is able to fight back against teams that could destroy Oklahoma St. on a regular basis. There is a big flaw to Pettigrew though. His blocking in my opinion lacks. He doesn’t use his hands much. Instead he just uses his size which is okay in college Football but when you make the NFL it is a big flaw. He would be a high first rounder if not for that fatal flaw. Pettigrew is perfect if you want a receiving Tight End who can work with a bad QB and still manage to make big plays and have an impact. Do not expect him to become a great blocker though.

Draft Grade: B


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