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Injury Updates & News

October 7, 2008

We won last Sunday against Tampa Bay but it came with quite a price for our star studded offense. After various reports on the health of the offense, rumors are still swarming. Here I will give you all some updates on the big questions.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Here is the good news:

I speculated earlier that Eddie Royal might be out for up to two weeks. Do not worry Broncos fans, that is not the case anymore. His X-rays on the ankle were negative. Royal told reporters after the game that he hoped to play at Jacksonville on Sunday. Some people are saying that this is impossible and maybe I am just thinking best case scenario but if there is no fracture or break to the bone I think it is possible to give him some playing time. 

Now for a bombshell. Don’t worry we are still giving the good news. Ryan Torain may be back this week. Yes, our 5th round draft pick who we are hoping turns out to be our feature back for the rest of the season may get to play. I am very excited and he reminds me so much of Terrell Davis not only in his play but around where he was drafted.

But of course, there is some bad news. “Tight end Tony Scheffler has suffered a strained groin. We’ve caught wind that it could be a serious injury – even season-threatening, but that’s only speculation at this point and is unconfirmed. Scheffler told reporters on Monday that he doesn’t think he’ll be ready for Sunday against Jacksonville, but doesn’t believe his injury to be serious” BroncoTalk reported. I think that this will not be season threatening but could take him out for the next few weeks.

This will of course mean more of a role for both Nate Jackson and Chad Mustard who was just signed the other day. Expect to see a lot of play from Jackson. The problem is that Daniel Graham will now have the ball thrown to him a lot more and you all know how I feel about that…

Selvin Young as well inured with as well a strained groin. It is supposed to be less serious and that he could play either this or the next game. Until then I think that we will see a lot more from Michael Pittman or maybe even Ryan Torain. While I like Selvin and I wish he was healthy this will give us the chance to scout both of these players a bit more. 

This all upsets or relieves me because as we are going against two playoff teams from last year we need to be the best we can be. Jacksonville I am a bit more worried about than New England but they are still a threat. Our offense is the best part of our game and it would be a shame to see it be on crutches in these key games especially with such a lead in the AFC West.

  1. Mark Fisher permalink
    October 7, 2008 5:30 PM

    Ryan Torain was drafted in the 5th round, not the 6th.

  2. October 7, 2008 6:11 PM

    Sorry dude… I looked at that and was like dang it! How did I mess that up?

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