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Game Review & Prognosis / Fan Poll

October 5, 2008

A much needed win for the Broncos came today as we were able to take advantage of the losses in the AFC West as we now have a two game choke hold over the Chargers. It was a good game and the final score was Broncos 16, Buccaneers 13. The Broncos are currently stepping through mind fields as this and the next two games are against playoff teams from last year. Now I will give you our position by position game review.

Jay Cutler looked good. He bounced back from a win last week to end with 227 yards and a Touchdown. He spread the ball well and was very patient against a killer Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense. Congratulations to Cutler on making such a good comeback from last week!

Selvin Young started off the day well but his production slipped near the end of the day. He had 38 yards off of 10 carries. Michael Pittman continued to be the star of a Denver Broncos running game. Off of only 6 carries he had 39 yards. That is an average of over 7 yards per rush. Amazing! Andre Hall continues to disappoint as for the second straight week he averaged around 2 yards a run. He had 16 yards off of 5 carries.

Lot’s of receivers had a presence in today’s game. We threw to 9 different receivers! Brandon Stokley came in late in the game to replace Eddie Royal who suffered an ankle injury. Stokley caught the ball 6 times with 52 yards and a Touchdown. Eddie Royal while he was in the game had 23 yards off of 3 catches. I was glad to see him break the 300 yard mark this season. He is on track for an 1,000 yard season. Brandon Marshall did not have a big game with only 3 catches with 25 yards. Glenn Martinez came back with his first reception of the season which was a 12 yard first down!

I continue to despise Daniel Graham. He was thrown to 4 times and caught one of them. He has no heart. If the throw was only a bit too high he would not even bother jumping for it. His one catch was for 10 yards. I really want to like him but he just hasn’t earned my respect yet. Tony Scheffler was a different story with 4 receptions and 65 yards. He fought for every last yard he could and looked great.

The O-Line committed a lot of penalties but they did not let up a single sack. They let up 2 sacks over 5 games. One of them wasn’t even a sack. If they keep up the pace they are at by the end of the season they will have 6 sacks by the end of the year. That is crazy good and will be one of the best lines in not only Broncos but NFL history.

Special Teams has improved throughly. Andre Hall wasn’t too special but the Broncos have amazing punt return skills in both Eddie Royal and Glenn Martinez. They both had some huge, well played returns. I can’t wait to see Royal back and I think it will be soon but for now Martinez is doing just fine at Punt Returner. Now you can see why I am such a fan! Matt Prater was perfect while he completed a 55 yard kick, a 40 yard kick and a 27 yard kick not to mention all the extra points. He has had 3 50+ completed kicks this season. Prater is doing a perfect job of replacing Elam. As for Bret Kern there was nothing too special. He looked good but not like Prater.

As for defense well… Sam Adams will shave his beard. (Leave a comment if you don’t know what that means.) The Broncos did just a fine job as Champ Bailey was not challenged once by Griese or Garcia. Instead we sent him on blitzes where he nearly had a Safety and forced bad passes on the QB’s two times. He got some tackles in there and continues to shut down passers. I really like the way he is playing. Dre’ Bly was not bad but still could have been better. The Safeties did what they had to do and there is not much more you can see.

D.J Williams had another sack along with 9 tackles and 2 assists. He was impressive and by far my favorite defender of the day. He is all over the place it seems. Nate Webster is holding down the fort at MLB with great skill and I think has done a great job personally. He had 8 tackles and two assists. Finally Boss Bailey as you know was injured by the end of the day but still managed 9 tackles. Great jobs by all of them stopping the run against a player who does a good job of beating up defenses.

Elvis Dumervil got his first sack of the season and showed that his thumb is pretty much fully recovered. Ekuban got a sack too and both haunted Griese and Garcias dreams. I thought it was great how Dewayne Robertson seemed to have taken the saddle and really helped the run game. Marcus Thomas had an Interception but then fumbled it which really made me unhappy but I still think that he might have a future.


Continue the patience against tough defenses. These next two weeks we will be playing strong defenses and we need to buckle down and fight hard against them but continue to stay patient.

Focus less on Andre Hall and more on Michael Pittman. Have you noticed a pattern here? Pittman has become the best Running Back we have and if this running game is going to be split it needs to be between Selvin and Michael. Just saying…

Protect Cutler. There were some times where I was amazed on how well Cutler was protected and we need to continue that as we will play some tough lines.


O: Jay Cutler (Leadership, Patience, Good Stats. Sounds like an MVP to me.)

D: Elvis Dumervil (Brought Pressure All Game and a Sack.)

ST: Eddie Royal (Nuff’ Said)

By the way… We have a new fan poll on who the Broncos best Running Back is. Please answer it, we value your opinion here. Last poll we had our biggest show in ages with 72 voters. We are hoping to break our own record!


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