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Saturday’s Horsing Around With Jon Krause

October 4, 2008

“Hello? Elvis Dumervil, Al Wilson, John Lynch, Champ, Defense? Where are you!? *sob* What happened? Where is our great ‘D’? 😦 “Defense wins Championships…” How can we win a championship without a defense? Elvis, get a sack or something. Just 2 tackles. 

Champ, you have a fumble and pic, but come on we all know that was not an INT. Please pickoff Brian-everybody does. Al, John, who are the new leaders supposed to be? Nate? 30 tackles, but he doesn’t even have a sack. Our offense rocks the party, but when we have a bad day like last week looks what happens. Somebody do something!”

That’s about how I feel. D.J. Williams is the only guy that has pleased me this year. His 34 tacles and sack are really good. But we’ve let up 13 TD’s! Now on the other side we’ve got 15, but this is just horrible. Our ‘D’ has let up 78 first downs, and 1635 total yards. (About as much as Jay Cutler has passed for, lol) In points we’re ranked 29th! In yards we are ranked 30th! Ranked 24th in rush yards and 31st in pass yards.  I could go on non stop about our offense-but what’s the point? Without a defense what is a team? Nothing!

Without a defense you can’t last. In the playoffs, what if you can’t make up as many points as the ‘D’ let’s up? Oh it’s just sad. In ’05 we killed teams with our ‘D’, but Plummer would often kill the game for us. Now, it’s the other way around. Jay has career games then our defense nearly gives up the game.

I even had a dream last night that we beat the Bucs like 38-35 or something close to that, and our ‘D’ almost gave up the game and let up 4 scores late. Alright already that’s enough about that, let’s just talk about the general jist of the game tomorrow.

This week we play our second NFL South team at Invesco. Denver Broncos (3-1) Vs. Tampa Bay Bucs (3-1).  Brian Griese, Brian Griese, Brian Griese…drafted in the third round of the ’98 draft by Coach Mike Shanahan. He eventually took over for the great John Elway. Fans had no grace for him. They wanted him to be another #7, and he just was not-nobody will be. After throwing 19 picks in 2001, and 15 in 2002 against 15 TD’s that year, Brian was done in Denver.

The next year (2003) he played with the Dolphins for 5 games. But with 6 picks and 5 TD’s Brian was soon gone. He then went on to Tampa and in 2 seasons started 16 games. In his second year he has 7 picks vs. 7 TD’s and he was done in Tampa-for the time being. In ’05-06 he was a Chicago Bear. Behind the HORRIBLE Rex Grossman he watched as his carreer seemed to slip away.

He started 6 games last year and had 12 INT’s and 10 TD’s. This year the Bears settled on Kyle Orton and Griese went back to Tampa Bay. In three games this year he has 6 INT’s and just 4 TD’s, but a nice 716 passing yards. At age 33, Brian looks to turn his interception prone career around, and get “his” new team to the play-offs. But he could have a hard time against Champ Bailey and Dre’ Bly.

Earnest Graham is the real guy Denver will have to worry about. He has 334 rushing yards and a very nice 5.9 yard average per rush, while sharing the load with veteran Warrick Dunn. Warrick has a mean little 197 rush yards and a Touchdown. We have three former Bucks on our team-Michael Pittman among them. Jamie Winborn and Nate Webster are the two others. Pittman had to say about facing his former team: “I’m a Denver Bronco and I’m going to go into this game doing whatever I can to help this team win.”

There’s not much more to say about the game, it would not be a hard one-IF we could get our defense to play like a good defense. The last time we played in ’04 Denver won 16-13.  Receiver Brandon Marshall is tied for the NFL lead with 31 receptions despite missing Week 1. Head Coaches Jon Gruden and Mike should have a fun time on FOX Sunday after noon. And I hope us fans will too. ‘D’ step up, Selvin could you get 100 rush yards, and Jay keep it up.

I bet you can guess how I will end this. Here’s another great video: Week 5: Buccaneers vs. Broncos Preview.

Jon Krause is a member of the Bronco Madness staff, you can catch his own blog at Denver Broncos News By Jon.


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