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My Broncos Dream Draft

October 2, 2008

In Bronco Madness’s quest to bring you draft coverage from the day the draft ends to the day that the next one begins we are bringing you what I think would be the best draft possible. I think that it will be fun as you can see what problems on the team I am trying to tackle. Here are the rules of the dream draft:

1. We will be given the 16th pick. I do not believe that we will end up here but it is only fair since it is in the middle of the round.

2. We will have all of our known draft picks. That means one pick in every round. 1, 2, 3… You can count. 

3. I will keep it realistic. I will not have us drafting Matt Stafford in the 7th round. It doesn’t work that way. 

Anyway here we go with our first ever Broncos dream draft. This is not who I think we will get but realistic picks that at this point in the season I would choose. This is all my opinion on what we need and who we should use to fill the void. Feel free to give me your own dream drafts if you know anything of the draft. I would be interested to hear from you all.

1. William Moore, SS, Mizzou: Gasp! No not really. Anyone who has read this blog knows that I am obsessed with William Moore. I love Mizzou. That is not the only reason though that I think that he is the right pick. He will be and I guarantee this, that he will be the greatest Safety to ever play the game. If you can get him at this point, it sounds like a nice little pick. Perfection…

2. Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan St: I am starting to feel that Selvin Young needs some more security than Andre Hall. Maybe Young should be a 3rd downer and the 2 in a 1, 2 punch no matter how much I may like him. I want us to have a new age of the old Super Bowl offense. We have the two star Receivers, the star QB, the star line, maybe the star Tight End, but we are missing a big time running back. Ringer is perfect for the job and could be the next Terrell Davis.

3. Cody Brown, DE, Connecticut: Jarvis Moss was a bust. The franchise is not letting it on as such. But besides Ryan Harris, that whole draft may have been a bust. On one side of the line we have Elvis Dumervil who can destroy the pass and is learning to stop the run. He is doing a fine job and will be able to get some more sacks once his thumb recovers. On the other side of the line we have near nothing. Cody Brown could start in a year or two and with his talents of both stopping the run and the pass he could be a great pick.

4. Maurice Crum Jr, MLB, Notre Dame: I do not feel much of a need at MLB with the fantastic play of Nate Webster but we need something more there just in case Websters play falls. Crum Jr. I could see being drafted in the 4th round and I view as a 3rd round prospect. He has been consistent his entire career at Notre Dame and I really like his skill set. He has proven himself time and time again and would be a great player for the Broncos. 

5. Demonté Bolden, DT, Tennessee: More big guys on the line and Bolden fits the bill. I do not like Marcus Thomas and while Dewayne Robertson has helped stop the run, he is injury prone and often has off-days. Bolden could help beef up the line and the run defense. I like him because while Dewayne Robertson is good at the run and the pass Bolden is amazing at the run and decent on the pass. Therefore on short yardage situations he could be a big help to the defense. I like him.

6. DeAndre Wright, CB, New Mexico: I am looking on this pick for hidden playmakers. I don’t just want a good player who one day if he worked hard enough and was trained well enough could start but a player who even if he doesn’t ever start, whenever he reaches the field will in someway be able to make a big play. That is what DeAndre Wright does. For a 6th or 7th round pick it is hard to get 3 Interceptions especially on a weak New Mexico defense but getting 67 yards off of them is even more impressive. That is a hidden playmaker if there ever was one.

7. Anthony Felder, OLB, Cal: I could be completely underestimating his draft stock. On the other more likely hand his play will drop a little bit this year as Cal seems to be a bit off tune. Felder though comes off to me as the kind of player who could make it in the NFL but his college career was not impressive enough to get a very high draft spot. He is all over the field all the time and I love his instincts. Again, I could be underestimating him but I hope I am not and that we draft him.

As you can see I would focus on the defensive side of the ball this draft. I tried to cover every defensive position with an emphasis on playmaking and stopping the run. Besides Javon Ringer this draft would go down as one of the greatest Broncos drafts of all time. Do you want to know why? Because I should be a scout. 😉 Not really but I think that this would really help the Broncos.

  1. October 31, 2008 7:56 PM

    Of all those guys I think we’d be best off if we got: Maurice Crum Jr.
    Sorry Garrett, but Nate won’t last forever, and we need a MLB.

  2. amac permalink
    December 14, 2008 11:45 AM

    deandre wright on a weak new mexico? are you kidding me? plus glover quinn was better

  3. OrangeSteed permalink
    December 25, 2008 9:18 PM

    I’ll take you at your word about William Moore, but would like to see how he and Taylor Mays (if he declares) compare at the combine. I’m also not convinced we don’t already have talent at the position for next year i.e., Josh Barrett and possibly moving Woodard to safety over the offseason. Wesley needs to be on the field and has the physical tools to play the position – he just needs time to learn it.

    Two other sleeper picks I like for Denver. Rasheed Jennings from Liberty at RB in the 3rd or possibly 2nd round. Punishing size, decent speed and seems to have good character.

    Also, a 25 year old former Marine from Cal named Rulon Davis. Great maturity, a team leader and prototypical size for a DE. Some freak injuries have kept him off the radar screen, but I see a Mike Anderson at the DE position waiting for us in the 4th or 5th round.

  4. January 2, 2009 10:18 AM

    Dude William Moore is awesome BUT, Taylor Mays! Man! He is SOME’n!

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