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How I Saw It: Chiefs Beat Broncos 33-19

September 30, 2008

That sucked. All of the warning signs were there. Team in desperate need of a win, check. Division Rival, check. Tough road game, check. And I was still sure we would roll over the Chiefs. Then this happened.

Larry Johnson 65 Yard Run Up The Middle Sets Up Field Goal     Chiefs 3     Broncos 0

Didn’t you just know at this point. Maybe not that we were going to lose, but that it wasn’t going to be the kind of game we wanted it to be.

Eddie Royal Fumble

Tough break for the rookie. Sucked to give the Chiefs the ball right back. This was the beginning of the problems for the offense today. They never got into a rhythm and turnovers were the reason for that.

Nick Novak Field Goal     Chiefs 6     Broncos 0

Split decision on the defense here. Nice job holding to three. On the other hand we had them at 3rd and 13 and allowed Damon stinkin’ Huard to convert. That comeback route to Bowe on the left side was open all day.

Jay Cutler 15 Yard Touchdown Pass to Brandon Marshall     Chiefs 6     Broncos 7

After a bad drive where we actually gave up a sack, the Broncos offense showed back up on this drive. The screen pass to Pittman that set up the score was very well done and the touchdown connection was fantastic, clearly the highlight of the game, for what that’s worth.

Brandon Marshall Fumble

Hard to blame Marshall for this one. He was hit as soon as he had the ball and cleanly stripped. Gotta question running the gadget play on 2nd and 9. Would have been nice if somebody could have caught Flowers before he got to the 2.

Larry Johnson 1 Yard Touchdown Run     Chiefs 13     Broncos 7

Again, can’t hold the defense responsible for this one. That’s 10 points the offense has given up. This loss has been laid on the defense, but look at the terrible situations they were put in.

Matt Prater 56 Yard Field Goal     Chiefs 13     Broncos 10

Hell of a boot. Everybody keeps saying that this made up for the missed field goal, but if he had hit both wouldn’t that have been better.


Honestly, I still felt okay. After everything that had gone wrong, we were right in the game.

Matt Prater Field Goal     Chiefs 13     Broncos 13

Great pass by Cutler to Royal on third down on this drive. Very Pass happy though and three straight incompletions led to the field goal attempt.

Nick Novak Field Goal      Chiefs 16     Broncos 13

The defense was getting worse at this point. Every play accumulated yardage and that shouldn’t happen against an offense that looked this bad.

Jay Cutler Intercepted by Derrick Johnson

What was Jay thinking? As I said last week, his interceptions seem to come at the worst times. They just scored and we give them the ball back on their side of the field.

Champ Bailey Forces Larry Johnson Fumble

Great play by Champ, who continues to be the only consistent force on the defense. Could have been a real momentum changer. But…

Jay Cutler Intercepted by Brandon Carr

Ugh. Again, bad decision by Jay, trying to force an impossible throw. Again it comes at the exact point when we couldn’t afford a turnover.

Damon Huard 10 Yard Touchdown Pass to Tony Gonzales     Chiefs 23     Broncos 13

I felt like it was over here. Two days later, I’m still not sure that Gonzalez caught that pass, but oh well. At least he didn’t pass Shannon Sharpe for receiving yards in this game.

Matt Prater Field Goal     Chiefs 23     Broncos 16

What a frustrating drive. For a couple of reasons. When you see every week how effective Jay is at the no-huddle and how unable to defend it every team is, you have to think it’s something we should be doing more often. We get second and goal and they throw two straight times. That was after a Selvin Young seven yard run got us there. Use Pittman or run somebody.

Nick Novak Field Goal     Chiefs 26     Broncos 16

Again, whenever we score in second halves, we allow the other team to answer immediately.

Matt Prater Field Goal     Chiefs 26     Broncos 19

Again the offense sputters in the red zone, the field goal was too little and too late.

Onside Kick

Dang. Almost.

Larry Johnson 16 Yard Touchdown Run     Chiefs 33     Broncos 19

Nobody told the defense there were thirty seconds left in the game.

Cutler Shoves a Chief Over

Good for Jay. Surprised they didn’t throw a flag on Cutler. After the Charger fiasco and Payton complaining last week, it really did seem like the refs were hesitant to give us calls this week. At least two, the late hit on Cutler and pass interference in the 3rd quarter, were pointed out by the announcers.

Final Thoughts

23 of the Chiefs 33 points came on a short field. Our offense has to get more consistent. They are explosive at times but have disappeared for quarters all season and now disappeared for a game. We have a tough game next week and the Broncos will have to be their best at home in order to win.


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