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Just So You Know, I Saw This Coming

September 30, 2008

I hate to say this and honestly am embarrassed that this happened but when I saw Cliff Russell lying on the ground with the injury my first thought was “Woah. Glenn Martinez is coming back.” I slapped myself saying that it was sick of me to say such a thing. 

It was like the angel and some demon on my shoulders. The angel going “I hope that he is fine. You should have best  wishes for him.” The demon: “But what is he is injured… Glenn is coming back. You know you love him. This is good.” Angel: No it isn’t don’t listen to him. Demon: Oh yes it is. Mwahahaha!!!!!!

I took the angels side and wished the best for him but I had a feeling that my guy Glenn Martinez would get to come back to the team. I am happy that Russell is fine and am almost as happy that we have officially signed Martinez. 

Because of this, Russell has been put on the Injury Reserve which I expected also. I am happy to see Martinez because I think he will be an upgrade everywhere. Special Teams he will rock at like last year. He is a decent receiving target. After Russell dropped the one pass thrown to him I freaked out saying “Glenn would of caught that!”

I wish that Russell heals quickly and that there are no lasting effects from this injury but I am glad to see Martinez back on the roster. Go Broncos and Go Glenn Martinez!!!!!!!


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