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Broncos @ Chiefs Week 4 Preview

September 27, 2008

I am very excited for this weeks game because I feel that I really have my finger on the game. Last week I have to admit that I had no idea how it might pan out but I was right that it would be a shoot out. I think that this week the Broncos will be the only ones doing the shooting. As for the Chiefs you will find out.

Here is my week 4 preview for the Broncos @ Chiefs game. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!

Click Here For The Chiefs Depth Chart

Click Here For The Broncos Depth Chart

For my two videos in honor of Brandon Marshall I have some of his highlights. By the end of the season Brandon Marshall could and probably will be the NFL’s best receiver. Because of the Chiefs QB situation I have a video of the Chiefs QB’s warming up. Why? Because any one of them could start this week. My guess is that they will have Damon Huard despite whatever the consequences are.

Here is the weather report for the game via Weather Underground. Nice football weather at this point..

Click for full game report!

As for the Injury Report thank you BroncoTalk:


HOT: Accumulatively there has been no one hotter than Mr. Jay Cutler. Even with his worst performance of the season so far (and by that I mean a QB rating between 90 and 100) he was amazing. His passes are bullets and when you might think that they are a bad pass, he drills them so quickly and reads the defense so well that it ends up a Touchdown. Jay Cutler is on fire!

NOT: I have about had it with Dre’ Bly. He put up last week one of his most pathetic performances ever. Bly let up almost every pass thrown his way. There was nothing it seemed that he could do. He couldn’t make tackles and left it all up to the Safeties. With ours, that is not a good idea. Absolutely pathetic for a Pro Bowl Cornerback and I think Mike Shanahan has a right mind to start Jack Williams sooner than later.

HOT: [Error No Data Available For Chiefs]

NOT: Tyler Thigpen is the definition of not. After a horrendous performance against one of the worst Cornerback teams in the league via the Falcons he still threw multiple Interceptions driving Chiefs fans up the wall. INSANITY! His only exciting play all game was a nice 18 yard run giving some momentum for the Chiefs. I doubt he will start, but what do I know?


An AFC West rivalry will be reborn as the Broncos head to KC this week to play the Kansas City Chiefs who at this point have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The Broncos on the other hand are trying to have their first 4-0 start since 2003. It will sure be an exciting game as two teams heading opposite directions meet up for one great game.

The first thing that pops up to me about this game is the Injury Report. The only key player that we have possibly out this week is Dewayne Robertson. The Chiefs have some of their best and most important players out for the game. They have their starting QB, their star Linebacker and their starting Corner out for the game. That will leave quite a hole for them.

The one player that does oppose a threat to us is Larry Johnson. Without Dewayne Robertson plugging up our hole expect a ton of inside rushing plays that will try to throw our Linebackers on guard. I also see us moving back to three men on the line not to plug the hole but A. We do not have any players who could play second at DT all the time and B. It allows us to bring one more Linebacker on the blitz.

D.J Williams I would put on the blitz a lot and will also try to handle Larry Johnson along with Nate Webster. By doing that we can move Niko Koutouvides to more of a coverage role and contain with Boss Bailey watching for both the run and the pass. Then we take out Koutouvides and put Jack Williams playing a nickel role to make sure that we can damage the starting QB with coverage. 

The only possible problem by doing that is that it would give him more time in the pocket as we would have to move D.J away from the blitz. Our Safeties I am hoping will be able to step up and stop the long ball after I have been very disappointed with Marquand Manuel who has just been burned lately by receivers. Expect him to contain more than stop the long ball and to always keep an eye out for Tony Gonzalez.

As for the offense their is not much to say but that we need to use that long pass more often and spread the ball. I want to see Eddie Royal with his hands on the ball more often than we have been. Also bring Tony Scheffler out there to do some streaks. I like seeing him do that despite him not being able to break away and run to daylight. 

  1. September 27, 2008 6:07 PM

    *HOT: [Error No Data Available For Chiefs]* lol gotta love it!! 🙂 I think Tony, or LJ could be dangerous…have to see…

    what you said about our Safeties, Marquand Manuel may be benched….it’s not to likely but Fox could start…

  2. September 27, 2008 7:24 PM

    if you mean domonique foxoworth than he is in atlanta so unless u ar talking about him starting for atlanta i don’t think so.

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