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Through Hell

September 23, 2008

Garrett here. Ian Henson is bringing us yet another fantastic article to us. This time it is about how Mike Shanahan has built his own personal hell after the Chargers game. 

Prior to this season’s Broncos game against the Oakland Raiders, during Mike Shanahan’s usual Thursday press conference, when asked if over the years whether or not his personal grudge with Al Davis has dissipated, Shanahan deadpans the reporter. Straight into the man’s eye, he states, 

“No, it doesn’t dissipate at all,” pausing for the follow up.

The Reporter asks, “Not at all?”  

“When I said it doesn’t dissipate, that’s what that means,” and Shanahan laughs, but only because there’s nothing with reach to break.

There was almost hate in his voice, in his eyes, possibly even in his blood. A man is nothing, if not his word, and as of this moment– I haven’t seen that dissipate.  I need not reference the final three plays against the San Diego Chargers. Much was made this off-season about the Chargers, themselves, putting the cart before the horse last season. Going for broke, the Chargers had a quarterback undergo surgery prior to their championship game. Only to have the real star of their offense pout it off on the sideline, helmet on, arms crossed.

Did I mention that I wasn’t going to reference the last three plays against the Chargers last weekend? Well, I will. Denver’s shotty defense and special teams let a very formidable lead go and it was back to a very similar feeling for Broncos’ fans. Stuck in hell and down by two, Shanahan didn’t have to go for two, he did, Denver won. Controversial call? Shove it up yours San Diego, not two, but three chances to stop Denver in their tracks. Don’t take it out on a class act referee, take it out on your defense who couldn’t stop the same play two times in a row.

Stuck in the familiar place, losing to the Chargers, in which he has been caught up over the last two years. Shanahan was in his own personal hell. with gasoline pants on, losing to San Diego somehow, again. His team scores and goes for two, then wins. Simply incredible, amazing!

Shanahan has a master plan and a little revenge tour of his own this season. It started in Oakland and it won’t wind down until Tampa. The Broncos are here finally and their offense is teeing off, despite the defense. Shanahan has once again began playing chess seriously, but this time, he is playing for keeps. He’s found his man in young Jeremy Bates, whom he has bestowed the offensive play-calling duties and coupled, the coaching tandem shares a forty-point average over the first two-weeks in their NFL debut. 

Denver’s running game is down, but not really, going into week four, Denver is the ninth ranked rushing team in the NFL. Who’d a known? Jay Cutler sits atop the NFL second in passing yards and first in total offense. Michael Pittman has rushed for four touchdowns, yes, Michael Pittman– He damn near was worth five if Denver would have thrown the red flag in the first-quarter of the New Orleans’ game. All that this proves is that Shanahan doesn’t need a late round or even an undrafted rookie to convey his genius, give him an unwanted veteran and watch him go.

Ian Henson is a member of the Bronco Madness staff. You can catch his own blog at the Denver Bronco Talk Blog.


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