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Game Review & Prognosis

September 21, 2008

I will continue the Game Review & Prognosis with Jeff bringing you his own review of the game. So just to break down the basics, we played the New Orleans Saints in our ORANGE JERSEYS! We won 34-32 after Drew Brees took his team out of a hole to nearly win it.

Jay Cutler didn’t bring what was expected against a weak New Orleans Defensive Back core but was not bad at all. I will give my props to Mike McKenzie who sure brought his A Game against our offense. But Cutler still controlled them 264 yards, 2 Touchdowns, and an Interception. I thought that some of his throws were tough to fit in and that he took a teensy step backwards this week. But still not bad.

I was genuinely disappointed with Andre Hall especially after that Safety. That was absolutely horrendous and not a bad job by the line but him not having good reaction and quickness. Though I will add that it was a bad play call. He ended with 25 yards off of 6 touches. Selvin Young on the other hand continues to impress me. He was quite dynamic with 65 yards off of 11 carries. Michael Pittman is still the best Goal Line threat in the game with a Touchdown and 2 yards.

Brandon Marshall was on fire as he is now averaging 100 yards for every game that the Broncos played. He only played in two. He at this rate could and I might be going out on a limb here but 1,500 or so reception yards and 14 Touchdowns. Just a guess. Today he had 155 yards and a Touchdown. I was not so happy with Eddie Royal. He only had 11 yards off of 4 receptions. Jay Cutler was using him for short throws when he is built for long ones.

At TE Tony Scheffler took a step backwards as he fumbled a reception that could have ended the game for the Broncos. He still had 32 yards off of 4 receptions though. So it was not all bad. Daniel Graham continues to just mean nothing to me as he had one reception for 24 yards. Nothing too exciting in my opinion. Nate Jackson had a Touchdown early in the game.

Matt Prater is not exactly getting large masses of media attention as other players replacing stars with long tenures with their teams are. But he is not disappointing in the least bit. I was so wrong when I said he should have no future with the Broncos a couple of months back. Today he continued to be perfect for these past few games as he went 2/2. It is funny how Martin Gramatica was 0/2 and I pushed for us to sign him and replace Prater.

The O-Line did not let up a sack today as the only sack on Jay Cutler that has happened all Regular Season and Pre-Season was the bad call by Ed Hochuli which the O-Line had no part of. Since the ball fell backwards it was called a sack. Not the O-Lines fault. Right now they are one of the best lines in the NFL. Ryan Clady continues to make rookie mistakes but still looks good.

The Defense was embarrassing. Had we used a 4 man D-Line all game we would have been a lot better but for some reason Shanny would not use it in the first half. It helped us tremendously when we used it. I do have to ask the question though, Where Is My Man Elvis Dumervil?! Come on dude, you are the best. Can you at least give me one sack? I think this thumb must be impacting him more then he is letting on. D.J Williams is still the best there is and I have a man crush on Nate Webster. I am so getting that guys jersey! I was impressed by Ekuban I have to say and Dewayne Robertson improved.

But our problem was the Defensive Backs. Champ Bailey did not have a tackle all game but that is because it seemed that Drew Brees avoided him all day. He ate off of Dre Bly though who I think Jack Williams should replace. I am done with him and he has been such an under achiever. Marquand Manuel I said in our preview was not. He still is. Manuel let up some big plays and almost let them become Touchdowns. Sad. 

We still won though and have the AFC West in a chokehold it seems. The Raiders and Chiefs lost. Tomorrow on Monday Night Football the Chargers are going head to head with the New York Jets. I see the Jets winning that one and I hope that I am right. We are in good shape right now. I can’t wait to see you all next week in KC. See you guys and check back here at Bronco Madness for your weekly in depth updates!


O: Brandon Marshall

D: Nate Webster

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