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Broncos vs Saints Week 3 Preview

September 21, 2008

Tomorrow is a special day at Invesco Field for after 2 years wait, it is time that the Broncos unearth the holy, throwback, ORANGE JERSEYS! This is what every Broncos fan waits for and I can’t wait for the first time ever to see Jay Cutler dress up in one of these babies. And now a preview for the game.

You know the order, you know the material, you do not know what I will say, so find out:

Click Here For The Broncos Depth Chart

Click Here For The Saints Depth Chart

As for videos we have two pretty good ones. One for the Broncos is a cutback by Selvin Young in last weeks game where he changes directions as Jay Cutler puts on a killer block. I love this play! The second is a nice stiff arm by Reggie Bush on the Texans.

Here is the Weather Report via Weather Underground. Just a bit a clouds. No problem.

Click for full game report!

As for the injury report we would like to thank BroncoTalk:

Who’s Hot and Who’s Not:

HOT: For the first time in our who’s hot and who’s not I will choose a coach. I am guessing you all know who that is. Mike Shanahan is the hottest player, coach, or person involved in the NFL right now. After being able to convert a 2 point conversion to win against division rivals the San Diego Chargers, America was set abuzz by his daring and gutsy call. He is definitely hot.

NOT: Marquand Manuel is not hot as he has not yet showed any starting material play. He just wasn’t as bad as Hamza Abdullah. With and injured thumb and other recurring injuries he has been not for a long time. Now he is just earning the disrespect he deserves. I am not too excited about him at Strong Safety and I am waiting to draft William Moore next year. 

HOT: What was that about Reggie Bush being a bust? He so far has shown that he could turn around the tables. Not only has he done okay at Running Back but has been very successful Kick Returning this season. I think that he might actually be a bit of trouble for the Broncos today as he seems to be hotter.

NOT: When the season began there was wide consensus that Marques Colston and Drew Brees would be fantasy heros and set the league ablaze. So much for that theory. Colston is out with an injury for a couple of weeks and was not playing very well when he was in uniform. I still think that he is a good player but there is nobody less effective than an injured player.


I have always thought that Orange & Gold Jerseys would be really cool for some team. They will not be on the same uniform today but they will be on the field. The Broncos are breaking out from the closet their orange throwback jerseys. I love these babies.

It is a great moment to see Jay Cutler wearing one of these for the first time. It will sure get the fans excited and there will be no such thing as a blackout in Denver as this is one of the biggest games of the season not because of the matchup but just the awesome jerseys they will be wearing.

Both of these teams make up the best offenses in the NFL so it will be a high scoring game with two great QB’s in it. I love the match up of Jay Cutler and Drew Brees. They are both probably the best QB’s this year with the exception of Tony Romo right now. Passing will be good and if Marques Colston would be in the game I would be a bit more afraid.

The key will be pressuring Brees to make bad throws and weaken the passing game on their side. Dewayne Robertson needs to close holes and hopefully get through. But we all know who the big pass rusher needs to be and that is Elvis Dumervil. Elvis will be able to break through the O-Line and cause some disruption with a sack today. You have to give him some credit because he has learned how to play run defense too.

Also there is one more Defensive linemen who will need to step up and that is Jarvis Moss. Moss our first round pick from 2007 is actually getting chance to play after multiple injuries and I want to see him destroy or else I will have officially lost hope for him. If he becomes a star DE though, I could see us being the best line in the AFC West.

But that is a big if. All in all I am looking forward to todays game as there are some great story lines and some big scoring. GO BRONCOS!

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