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Another Page In The Brandon Marshall Chronicles

September 18, 2008

It is interesting how things can put a damper on beautiful events in the Broncos world. A lot of them have to do with Brandon Marshall. 

After an amazing 18 reception performance which tied for the second most receptions in a single game Marshall may see court yet again. is reporting that authorities in Fulton County, Georgia are now pursuing charges stemming from a domestic dispute between Marshall and his then-girlfriend Rasheeda Watley that took place in March of this year.

I am just glad that this is nothing new and that these are just stemming from other charges. I can see that Marshall is trying to make a change as he has taken all the right steps since the incident to turn his life and his career around.

It is unknown whether this will affect his suspension after also pleading guilty to DWAI. I do not think that this will change anything because I look at this as one out of 6 different things that the suspension was for. 

Either way the trial looks to be in November of December. The cynic/Broncos fan in me makes me wonder something though. If Watley was lying (and her lawyer represents solely liars) she would be in it for money not justice. Therefore it makes me think this seems like the perfect time to ask for money.

His contract will soon be discussed and she would not want to press charges if she would not get much money. If his career took a plunge then it would seem pointless to go to court. But with his great performance and a contract up for re-signing it kind of makes you think… Is this woman for real?


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