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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: Cullen Harper

September 17, 2008

It has been a while since I did my last draft profile but I will continue to crank them out.I had to take a little break while I was doing other draft business. (I hope you enjoyed my Mock Draft). We are doing our first QB today in the draft profiles as we break down Clemson QB Cullen Harper. I hope you enjoy!


Harper Drops Back For A Pass


Name: Cullen Harper

Position: Quarterback

School: Clemson

Hight & Weight: 6-4 / 225

Class: Graduate Student

What I Think: As you may know I have pegged Cullen Harper to be a first round pick. That said, it will only be because of the desperation that teams are facing to find a QB not that can become a Franchise Player but just one who can hold down the fort at a respectable level and help them get to the playoffs. Cullen to earn my respect needs to really show what it takes to not become a great college player, but a mature NFL ready QB. In some ways he reminds me of Jay Cutler. I do not think that he is even close to as talented as Cutler is but Cutler looked like it would be very iffy whether he would be successful and if he would not live up to the high pick it was used to get him with. Harper has had success with Clemson as he established 22 records in 13 starts in 2007. I like his drive and motivation to be better than anyone else at what he does. That is a key part in finding a Franchise QB. Harper never seems to give up on a play. His intangibles though, need work. He forces passes and does not ever just take the sack which has resulted in many a picks. Harper was part of the first-team Strength All-American in 2007, the first Clemson quarterback to make that team since Woodrow Dantzler in 2001. He even started the season ninth among active ACC players in career total offense. Harper right now does not deserve to be a first round draft pick and seems that he would be drafted only in desperation to find a decent QB. I like him but he should only be a second round pick in my eyes despite him likely being higher. UPDATE: Oh how things change, it is now halfway through the off-season and he does not look like a high pick at all. More like 5th rounder. And his draft grade is lower, a lot, lot, lower.

Draft Grade: C-

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