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Three QB’s Make Up The Future Of The NFL

September 13, 2008

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Ben Rothlisberger are the current trio of great QB’s. Before that there were QB’s Montana, Elway, Favre. Before that they were Bradshaw, Fouts, and Griese. Even before that there was Unitas, Namath, and Starr. So who make up the future of the NFL? As you might guess one of them is Jay Cutler but who are the others?

I have been researching, and studying the path of the QB’s I have already mentioned and comparing them to todays QB’s. Also I have graded these players by just pure talent. So first I will begin explaining why Jay Cutler is the first QB of the future.

Jay Cutler has his entire career had high expectations around him. He was forced to replace a beloved QB who had helped get the Broncos to an AFC Championship and almost send them to a Super Bowl. He also had been compared to John Elway in college and coming to the team where Elway originated from. Cutlers immense talent also raised expectations for him.

He had been blessed his entire college and NFL career so far with great Wide Receivers at the time. In his first year with the Broncos he had a Javon Walker in good form and veteran Rod Smith. His second year Cutler had 1,000 yard receiving threat Brandon Marshall and with Walker injured had Brandon Stokley. This year he has Brandon Marshall and young star WR Eddie Royal who was just Rookie of the Week. 

If good Wide Receivers do not raise expectations than what does. But maybe the most impressive thing about Cutler was his 2007 season where he maintained a stable season with an undiagnosed case of type 1 diabetes. If he can play the way he did with diabetes that is undiagnosed than imagine what he could do with a stable body. 

After a successful Pre-Season with multiple Touchdowns but not a single TD or sack he showed everyone he could be star. Last week he was nominated for the Fed-Ex Air award as he threw for 299 yards, and 2 Touchdowns. He has now shown that he can do it in the Regular Season as well. People are excited and he is the first QB of the future.

My second choice for the QB of the future is Aaron Rodgers. He may have even bigger expectations than Cutler. Rodgers is replacing Brett Favre! Cutler replaced only Jake Plummer. Rodgers has so far shown that even though he is injury prone he can still play at an NFL level. There has not been a game that he has started where he did not play well. 

Last week he had a 115.5 QB rating and stepped out of the shadows of Brett Favre. It is funny how he was passed over by the 49ers for Alex Smith who is nowhere right now. They were wrong as they passed over a star of the future. Actually, the 49ers are working harder when they play him to make sure that he does not find success.

In the past two years, he has had an 110.1 QB rating with two full games. Coming from California college Rodgers was a college star who was drafted in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft when the Packers were planning on replacing Favre. It took him a little while to do so but the time has come for him to finally become a star.

Rodgers is exiting not only because he has a cannon arm and can read a defense very well but he can also run the ball. That is something that Favre could never do. Rodgers may never have the arm that Favre has but will have some things that Favre never had. Whle Favre is unique, in his own way Rodgers may be more so than him. He has already grabbed the adoration of Packers fans and could be the next great Packers QB.

He reminds me a bit of Steve Young who was able to replace Joe Montana and help win a Super Bowl for the 49ers. I could see the Packers winning the big one this year while watching Aaron Rodgers become a star. He will help the Packers continue their success as one of the top teams in the NFL. I am really excited to see him and Jay Cutler.

The youngest of my picks for QB of the future would be Matt Ryan. Some might say that this is just because he was the first QB taken in this years draft. But I love how his career has been playing out. He not only looked good in his first game as the starting QB for the Falcons but he also has a great offensive team around him that has already shown that they can be successful when needed.

First off you have Roddy White at Wide Receiver. He has had an 1,000 yard season last year and 6 Touchdowns. They have a solid number 2 Wide Receiver with Michael Jenkins who had 500+ yards last year and a bunch of Touchdowns. Maybe the most exciting of his targets would be Running back Michael Turner who played number two to LaDainian Tomlinson in San Diego. Last week he had 220 yards and 2 Touchdowns off of 22 touches. He averaged 10 yards per carry.

I also like his attitude towards the Falcons and the NFL. “All I can do is try as hard as I possibly can,” Ryan said. “I was a fan like everybody else last year, and I watched from a distance what went on. I don’t know everything that went on. All I can do is go in and try and earn respect from my teammates, play well and learn the playbook.” That is exactly what I am looking for in an attitude for this slot.

Right out of Boston College Matt Ryan is a pocket QB with not great mobility but a killer arm and great arm accuracy. He is very similar to Joe Montana in the way he plays the game. His intangibles are off the charts and his awareness is very high for a rookie QB. He is not wild with his passes and is very smart. I can see him doing great things in the near future.


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