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Broncos vs Chargers Week 2 Preview

September 13, 2008

I have been awaiting this game for a long time. I have wanted to see this game since Phillip Rivers trash talked the Broncos on Christmas Eve. But now the stakes are even higher. There is not only pride and a win on the line, but the state of the AFC West. With Chargers injuries rampant and the Broncos on a roll it is anybodies game right now. 

Here is your preview for week 2. You know the order. You know the material, so here it is:

Click Here For The Chargers Depth Chart

Click Here For The Broncos Depth Chart

Today we only have one video for both teams. But this one video is so iconic to this game it is not even funny. I don’t like this video but think that it is perfect for the preview.

The injury report via BroncoTalk:

It looks like weather won’t be too much of a factor but you can check it here via Weather Underground.

Click for full game report!

Who’s Hot? Who’s Not? Now you know:

HOT: Eddie Royal is as always on fire. Royal in his first ever game in the NFL showed that not only could he be a decent number 2 WR but a pretty good number 1 as well. With 9 receptions for 146 yards and a TD nobody could stop the Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week. Jon can even see him being a possible Rookie of the Year.

NOT: I’m not giving up yet so do not worry but I am a bit worried about Boss Bailey who lately seems to be well… not. I do not question his talent or his drive to win but he missed the first game of the season with yet another injury! I’m sorry but this is just crazy. Even before then he was not a star in the Pre-Season but I do think that he should step it up.

HOT: *Gulp* This is hard to say but I can’t tell a lie. Philip Rivers was on fire his last game against the Panthers D. He had 217 yards and 3 Touchdowns without a single INT. But don’t get your hopes up Charger fans. This was not exactly a threatening group of Defensive Backs that Rivers went up against. I can’t wait until Jay Cutler gets the chance after looking at what Rivers could do. 

NOT: Antonio Cromartie is good but was not hot. He was more not. Not only is Cormartie questionable to play against the Broncos this week which is exciting due to the fact that now our passing game is even scarier but he did not play well last week. He had a bunch of tackles but he also let up lots of receptions including the game winning one. Sorry Antonio.


I can not say that I do not want the Broncos to kick butt this week against the Chargers. I feel more passionate about this game than I did the opening Raiders game. I hate to be cliche but “This time it is personal.” I am not joking. We want to get back at the Chargers so badly after them trash talking us from the other side of the field.

But this time, the game is a lot closer. The Broncos are on a roll and the Chargers have injuries on all sides of the team. Most of them are stars as well including Antonio Cromartie, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Philip Rivers. But the biggest difference will be the Chargers running game that currently is in deep trouble coming into Denver.

Star Running back LaDanian Tomlinson is questionable to play but he does claim that he will be ready for the game tomorrow. Either way he will still be injured and that could hurt his production. Even more than that, two of their starters on the O-Line are out with injuries. With Hardwick, and McNeill out there are going to be a lot less holes for Tomlinson to run through. Expect more outside running plays as their tackles are healthy.

Also the holes in their line will allow more sacks. I can’t wait to see my favorite player Elvis Dumervil get in their and just reek havoc on Rivers. I am going out on a limb here and saying that he will get 2 sacks tomorrow and make the Chargers line humiliated. Even with a broken finger I can’t wait to see what he will do.

Jay Cutler also will have a bit easier of a time with Antonio Cromartie a game day decision on whether to play or not. As if that is not good enough for him, Cutler will have Brandon Marshall back too. Yes, we have the rookie of the week Wide Receiver and one of the best Wide Receivers in the league going against an injured group of Defensive Backs with a young star of the future QB. Sound good?

But it will not be all good for the Broncos because Philip Rivers has actually looked…well…good! He threw 3 TD’s and spread the ball really well against the Panthers. I still think that Cutler is better by a long shot but don’t forget how good Rivers has been playing. Now mind you, his line is weak and has some questionable targets with injuries so it won’t be all good. Still, with Bailey and Bly I like how we look going into this game against a strong passing game.

Shawne Merriman is the final piece of the puzzle to a possible win against the Chargers. The star Linebacker is out for the season and I can’t wait to see our Running game go against them. It will totally help them. I will not make any predictions on who will win because my head tells me Chargers but my heart says Broncos. All I will say is that it will be very close.

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  1. September 13, 2008 6:33 PM

    Garrett, I love what you said* I can’t wait to see my favorite player Elvis Dumervil get in their and just reek havoc on Rivers * I so agree. I love Dumervil, I want to get his jersey, and eventraully Eddie’s. I have John Lynch’s. I would like to get a currents players jersey. Anyway back to the game-Garrett, listen to your heart! 😉
    btw, sweet post

    note to broncos:_”Smash the Chargers!*

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