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Broncos @ Raiders Game 1 Preview

September 7, 2008

It is time for the opening of the 2008 regular season which all of us have been awaiting patiently. So what better way to start it off for the Broncos would be a rival game against the Raiders on Monday Night Football? Nothing. That’s what. This is just the best and I can not wait until Kick Off.

We have revamped our previews a bit for you all with instead of a Key Players listing we have longer overviews, an injury report, and a weather report. So enjoy as we kick off the regular season.

Click Here For The Raiders Depth Chart

Click Here For The Broncos Depth Chart

The battle of the QB’s. In this first video you see Jay Cutler complete a pass in Training Camp. In the second video you see JaMarcus Russell and his first play ever with the Oakland Raiders in an actual game. Both sum up a big part of this game.

And for the injury report, here it is via Bronco Talk:

Oh, and the weather. This is the hourly updated weather report via Weather Underground.

Click for full game report!

Who’s Hot? Who’s Not? Here is the answer:

HOT: Wesley Woodyard is a guy who in about a year could start. Or at least if he plays the way he did in the Pre-Season he could. He was consistent all the time but went out with a bang in his final game with 6 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble to boot. Watch out for him to play a lot of Special Teams and also possibly get some field time besides that.

NOT: Dewayne Robertson has not been hot. He was barely not. The guy has done almost nothing. As I stated in my game review, he is just a giant brick wall that doesn’t move or do anything but you can not get through. I guess that is not too bad but I would like to see way more from this once great DT. I say that we should have gotten Jevon Kearse over him though. 

HOT: Darren McFadden did not disappoint this Pre-Season in the least for the Raiders. He ended with around 200 yards rushing showing that there was little chance he will become a Reggie Bush like bust. But he still will forever be compared to Glenn Dorsey and his success. Those are the things that can lose a G.Ms job. But let’s be honest. This one was on Al Davis.

NOT: Trevor Scott the Raiders 6th round pick has not performed well recently. They hoped that he could be put on the line for a good amount of time and he could perform. But he has not in ample time. He has only had 1 assist on a tackle in last weeks game and before that has not done much either. Tisk tisk…


Brandon Marshall will not be on the field tomorrow when the Broncos square off against the Raiders so look for the receiving team to be Eddie Royal at number 1, Darrell Jackson at number 2, and Brandon Stokley at slot. Not bad. Two of them are proven playmakers who can do things when they need to. Eddie Royal is an untested undiscovered star of the future. I like it for now.

As Jon pointed out yesterday in his column there should be some tension at the Raiders Wide Receiver squad as Ashley Lelie lost his job with the Broncos to Javon Walker and now they are playing together against the Broncos. Ouch. So it should be interesting to see how that plays out for them.

The QB’s are both the future of their respective franchises. With Jay Cutler’s diabetes in control and a better team around him than last year he should be ready to go. Russell also has a better team around him but opposed to Cutler who lost and then needed to gain weight due to a disease, Russell was just a fatso and now needs to stop looking like a D-Lineman. For gods sake, Elvis Dumervil is smaller than him!

The run defenses are both in question as they last year were shut down by the run and were some of the worst in the NFL. The Broncos have looked better though with new better run stoppers at Linebacker and on the line. The Raiders may look worse. In the Pre-Season they let T.J Duckett average around 7 yards per carry and two TD’s. T.J Duckett!!!!

Both teams have improved and look like they could both win two or three more games than last year. But for the Raiders that still means losing season. For the Broncos that means playoff seed. This is not just fandom or Orange Kool-Aid or whatever that makes me say this. But the Broncos will win. We are better. Period. Sorry Raiders fans, you will lose. End of story. 

So be there tomorrow as we kick off our Live Blog for the game. I will of course be there but I am not sure if Jon will. Also former Senior Columnist Sonny Anderson will be there to due to his extensive knowledge of both the Broncos and the Raiders. Until then goodbye!

  1. September 7, 2008 3:22 PM

    LT does not get 100yrds! 🙂 Bolts lost! 🙂 Chiefs too.
    Even without Steve Smith Panthers won!
    Even without Tom Brady Pats won!

  2. September 7, 2008 4:50 PM

    I know! If we win tomorrow it is just step one to the playoffs.


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