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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: Darry Beckwith

September 7, 2008

If you have noticed how the posts have been sparse lately do not worry. It is all for good reason. Bronco Madness is preparing a brand new Mock Draft this time with analysis. Today we work on a Draft Profile with Linebacker Darry Beckwith.

Beckwith Sacks A QB


Name: Darry Beckwith

Position: Middle Linebacker

School: LSU

Hight & Weight: 6-1 / 232

Class: Senior

What I Think: Darry Beckwith is just another reason why this is the best Linebacker class that we can remember. It seems to be bearing similarities from the 2006 class of Safeties and the 2004 class of QB’s. No living soul should miss out on this. Beckwith though has been lost in a whirlwind of players such as James Laurinitis and Rey Maualuga. While he may not be as strong or smart as either of them, Beckwith still can bring the heat and is a possible first to second round pick. Beckwith lacks the needed physical attributes but his ability to be there when he is needed and make tackles allows him to become one of the best Linebackers around. He earned second-team All-SEC honors from the league’s coaches in his Junior season. Early in his college career he would be versatile much like D.J Williams as he would play all sorts of Linebacker positions including WILL, SAM, and MAC of course. Though in his 12 games in his senior season he stayed at MAC. He also can at some times be a ballhawk as he has had two Interceptions in his career. It does not seem as if injuries will be too much of a concern for him but it will be something to consider as he missed two games (Louisiana Tech and Ole Miss) with a minor knee injury. Not bad but still should be considered when drafting him. His Senior season will of course be make or break for him but he has so far not looked bad. If the draft was today he would be a first round pick but he could drop to a second or third round if he does not perform.

Draft Grade: B

  1. zaki permalink
    April 26, 2009 2:34 PM

    darry beckwith is my cousin


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