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Saturday’s Horsing Around With Jon Krause

September 6, 2008

Hey sorry my post have been kinda crummy lately. I just remembered yesterday I was like “Oh man! I forgot I gotta put a post on Bronco Madness!” And no real good news has been around. Culpepper retired, Broncos cut Sapp, and little things like that. So I did not know what to write. Finally I decided to do a preview of the game Monday. So…here we go:

This Monday is the game of games for a ESPN Double-Header. We all can remember when the rumors were going around back in ’06 about the Broncos thinking about signing WR Terrell Owens. But instead they traded and got WR Javon Walker. This made Ashley Lelie very mad. Because he was thinking he was eventually gonna pass Rod Smith and be a big time #1 WR. “It was just the opportunity, You have to work your way up like Rod (Smith) and Ed (McCaffrey). I thought, when Rod started to kind of get etched out, I would be No. 1. But they didn’t have those plans for me. I thought if they didn’t draft me to be a No. 1, then let me go somewhere else where I can fight to be No. 1” Lelie said about it.

With the signing of Walker, Lelie would have been (if lucky) the #2 WR. And after being in Denver since he was drafted first round in 2002, he was frustrated. Because all he had done to move up on the depth chart, then a free-agent comes in and knocked him down. Lelie never came to the Broncos 2006 training camp. And Mike Shanahan eventually traded him to the Atlanta Falcons.

After he was signed by the Falcons it was almost like he just disappeared out of the NFL. He did not, be I did not here “BOO” about him. In his first (and last) season with the Falcons he caught 28 passes. Then they dumped him, and he became a Niner. In 2007 as a 49er he pulled in only 10 catches. A few days ago Ash was landed on the waiver wire for the first time in his career. At 28 Lelie was signed by Al Davis and Co. He has a good chance of starting this Monday.

And Javon the guy that caused Lelie to leave the next year had similar scenario with Rookie Brandon Marshall. And was even angrier with the Broncos so the just flat out cut him. And the Raiders signed him.

So now on Monday, Champ and Dre’ will be across from two Wide-Outs that are huge rivals. The two former Broncos never played together when Broncos, but it will be very interesting to see what happens with all that.

Now to the back field, previews and stuff have all been talking about Oaklands backs…”Darren McFadden Darren- McFadden -Darren McFadden-Bla-bla-bla!” I am so sick of hearing it! Why don’t they talk about second year sweet back Selvin young who has a one-two punch with Andre Hall, and Michael Pittman for short yards. Our ‘D’ has played way better the pre-season against the run than last years pre-season. And we should be able to “Bust ’em in the mouth” and stop the run. On the other hand-I think that we’ll be able to run WILD all over the Raiders, and make it eaiser for Jay to find an open WR.

At the QB spot same case-

JaMarcus Russell,JaMarcus Russell,JaMarcus Russell, Bla-bla-bla! What about the un-sacked non picked QB in Denver! Jay Cutler was perfect the pre-season and should have an easy time picking apart Oakland like all the other teams he played in pre-season.Other notes: The last 10 games we played the Raiders we won 8. Since their last playoff appearance in 2002, the Raiders have a 19-61 record! LOL, yeah Al Davis you keep up the good work.Shanahan is 20-6 against the Raiders.

“If he (Ashley Lelie) does play, it’s just run as fast as he can down the field, He’s going to go deep.” Slowik said.

Since 1999 Champ has piled up 42 interceptions and Dre’ pulled in 38. It will be a can’t miss game! I am so sorry about it being so short and all, sometime I’m gonna get up a good/long post.

Jon Krause is a member of the Bronco Madness staff. You can see his own blog at Denver Broncos News By Jon.


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    *be I did not here “BOO” about him*


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