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Even More Roster Movement

September 1, 2008

We now know one thing for sure, the Broncos front office is not taking Labor Day off as the Broncos are now facing even more roster movement. There has not been much more news on Domonique Foxworth but when more is released we will be sure to share it with you. 

Because of the signing of Calvin Lowry which I am excited about we released Roderick Rogers at Safety. Lowry is a pretty good player who can hit hard when needed. I feel that he could compete with Marlon McCree for some playing time. Watch out for him as sort of a sleeper on the roster.

The Broncos put a waiver claim on former New Orleans Saints guard Andy Alleman, however, Alleman will be heading to the Miami Dolphins who also put a claim on him. There were another 4 teams that put a claim on him besides Denver and Miami.

The Broncos added another player to their practice squad. Before this signing we were poised to have the leagues smallest practice squad. 

His name was Travis Wilson who spent training camp with the Cleveland Browns and was expected to be the third receiver on their depth chart. Wilson was drafted in the third round by the Browns in 2006. He was also one of two players featured in the documentary film Two Days in April which is available via Netflix and several other online outlets.

Some former Broncos were also signed. These include Ashley Lelie who was signed by the Oakland Raiders. I hope that I am not the only one here who understands that the Raiders are obsessed with us. They take all of these players that we did not want and they then get them to talk about how terrible a place Denver was and how they were mistreated. Javon Walker anyone? 

Another former Bronco who was signed was Deltha O’ Neal who after being cut by the Bengals was signed by the Patriots this afternoon. This roster movement is crazy and remember that Bronco Madness is your number 1 source for Broncos news and info during these cuts and signings.

On one final note check back throughout the day as we are doing up to the minute coverage of the Domonique Foxoworth trade. As new info unfolds we will be sure to share it with you.


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