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4 Players Signed To Practice Squad

August 31, 2008

Broncos fans everywhere will be relieved to know that some of the players that we begged and pleaded the Broncos to put on the practice squad made it. 4 were signed today Denver said.

The Broncos signed Josh Barrett, Mitch Erickson, Darrell Hackney and Steven Harris to their practice squad. All nice picks to add to the squad.

The two biggest names may be Darrell Hackney and Josh Barrett. Hackney is the QB who all Broncos fans and bloggers got a soft spot for as he had success. He is not starter or barely even 2nd string talent but he still deserves a spot on the Practice Squad. God knows he isn’t perfect but it would be a shame to see him leave for good.

Josh Barrett was the only draft pick to be released or put on the Practice Squad. He was an early seventh round pick and looked ok in the Pre-Season but he was a wreck in Training Camp as he dropped assignments all the time. Barrett was basically a waste of space on the roster.

There are now two things I would like to see happen. The Broncos re-sign Glenn Martinez at WR and drop Louis Green at LB and somehow get John Lynch back on the team now that he has been released by the Patriots.

So that’s it. Done. We are pretty much over with whatever is left of the off-season. I am now officially ready for the Regular Season to begin.

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