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Saturday’s Horsing Around With Jon Krause

August 30, 2008

Hey guys, I almost stopped bloging this past week. But I decided that I’d try to keep going. I did not think I was gonna write a post for this Saturday, so at the last minute I had to put something together real quick. It’s about can you guess-Shawne Merriman. It’s kinda short and stuff but anyway here we go:

Remember when they got rid of Marty and signed a former rival coach that had had a losing season with the Raiders the year before. I never thought the Norv. was a good coach. But whatever. And Ian made a good point on BroncoTalk about last year when Philip was a oh so tough guy, and came back in the playoff game-and was picked off twice, and no TD’s.

Henson also pointed out that last season Merriman racked up HALF of his total sacks when played the Raiders and Chiefs! Then just recently a couple doctors tell Shawne that he needs surgery and he can’t play this year. And he says NO. He thinks that the Chargers have a shot this year at the Big One.

So he says I’m gonna play this fall. And take the risk of ending his career with an injury. I bet that he kills himself by week 7. This guy is just crazy, we’ll all know how he plays when he’s not across from the Chiefs and Raiders.

Remember when the Chargers played the Jags last fall. *GRIN* I think we all do. The block when Jones-Drew layed out on Merriman made me bust up laughing. I wish I could put up pictures. ( Garret could you grab a photo/video of that and put it on the site )

I think Shawne is CRAZY, and the Chagers are even CRAZIER! But hey, let ’em do it if It makes them happy.

Thats all, I know it’s short. But I am even shorter for time.

Jon Krause is a member of the Bronco Madness staff. You can find his own blog at Denver Broncos News By Jon.


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