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Game Review & Prognosis

August 30, 2008

Hello my good friends and I would just like to say that the Pre-Season is finally over. Congratulations to the Broncos as they have done quite well through it. Now for my Game Review and Prognosis that I am sure you have all been waiting for. Just a note on the Live Blogs, they will be picked up again when the Regular Season starts as Columnist Jon Krause, former Bronco Madness Senior Columnist Sonny Anderson, and I will be covering the game against the Raiders.

The cool thing about this game is that we basically played an entire game with our 3rd team. Also I would like to add that they looked great. The final score was 28 to 14 Broncos win!

Darrell Hackney Dives For TD

Darrell Hackney Dives For TD


First at QB Darrell Hackney was magical as he ended with over 200 yards, a passing TD, and a rushing TD. He was just amazing and cut down on how much Pat Rat we were forced to see. Darrell Hackney should make the team and at least the Practice Squad.

At Running Back Anthony Aldridge lead the league in rushing yards this week. He had 110 yards but left the Touchdowns to Michael Pittman. Pittman had very few yards but he did score a Touchdown early in the game. There was even running from Receivers especially on a nice play from Clifford Russell.

Keary Colbert sounded really good on paper as he had 105 yards and a Touchdown but that was on 6 passes. Still sound good? One of them was for 87 yards. Yes good, but it was just because of a perfectly placed pass from Hackney and Colbert having practically no coverage on him. Do not get too excited about him.

Matt Prater was good as he did not miss a Field Goal all game and I am looking forward to seeing him improve as the Regular Season progresses. 

Michael Pittman Celebrates After A TD

Michael Pittman Celebrates After A TD


Wesley Woodyard closed the door on possibly being released. He lead the team in Tackles and forced a fumble too. Jack Williams looks very exciting as he had his second Interception of the Pre-Season. I just wish we might have a better place for him to play at. He is buried deep in the Depth Chart and I wish we could get more from him. 

Also Spencer Larsen had an Interception which was nice and probably the biggest thing we have ever seen from him. Also I think Paymah, and Foxworth played well too as they racked up lots and lots of Tackles. Paul Carrington forced a fumble and I was impressed with the entire Defense.

My prognosis today will be short for it is the end of the Pre-Season but here it is:

Anthony Aldridge needs to continue this whole breaking tackle thing. He is fast and has been beyond great for the Broncos so far. 

Tim Crowder needs to have more of a presence on the line. I thought that he could have done a lot better with this game. 

The MVP’s are: 

O: Anthony Aldridge

D: Wesley Woodyard (Wins Broncos Pre-Season MVP)


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