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Broncos @ Cardinals Pre-Season Game 4 Preview

August 29, 2008

Hey it is late at night but nothing will stop me from getting you my preview for the Broncos/Cardinals game. I have sort of come up with a theme for this game preview which will play a role in the game. Running games will be a big part due to the Depth of each team at Half Back.

You guys know the order of material in the preview so here it is:

Click here for the Broncos Depth Chart

Click here for the Cardinals Depth Chart

Here are the videos of each team. Sticking to the theme of Running Backs we have catches from Running Backs who are buried in the Depth Chart. They are Steve Baylark of the Cards and Anthony Aldridge of well… you know. 

These are the key players in the game:

Michael Pittman, RB, Broncos: Michael Pittman has been getting a lot of carries during the Pre-Season to take relief off of backup QB’s. It would come as no surprise if he got 10 to 12 carries in this game. He needs to be a key player and put on a great performance if we want to win this game. 

Kurt Warner, QB, Cardinals: It has been announced that Warner will get the start against the Broncos which will give him much more playing time than before. He needs to hold down this game if he wants to hold down the position. A lot is on the line for him and the team in general.

We shortened the Hot/Not to two players. I will maybe make it back to normal eventually but today I am running tight on time.

HOT: Brian St. Pierre got himself a roster spot at QB after he had a near perfect game last week. The journey man of the NFL went 7 for 8 in competitions and a Touchdowns with 96 yards total. He is hoping to follow it up with another great game. He has played better than Leinert all Pre-Season.

NOT: Dewayne Robertson has not been hot. He was barely not. The guy has done almost nothing. As I stated in my game review, he is just a giant brick wall that doesn’t move or do anything but you can not get through. I guess that is not too bad but I would like to see way more from this once great DT. I say that we should have gotten Jevon Kearse over him though. 

Like I said earlier, Running Backs will be a big part of this game. Both of these teams have amazing depth at the Running Back position. The Cardinals have Arrington, Hightower, Vincent, James, and Baylark when the Broncos have Young, Aldridge, Hall, Pittman, and Hillis. They are all decent Running Backs and could change how the game is played.

As you know, I think that these games are all about depth. The Broncos will win this because of that. The Cardinals have a very thin team. They have some great starters but once you get pass them, they are all no names. The only place where there is Depth is QB, and of course RB. Even their great WR team falls mercy to Depth. 

Watch out for the Broncos to win this game after a close first half. Before you get your hopes up though, there will be no Jay Cutler which will mean *gulp* more Ramsey. But at least we will see some Hackney.


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