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Ramsey: The Grass is Always Greener Theory

August 27, 2008

Thanks to Ian Henson who whipped up an article for us. Sorry if my own posts are a bit sparse. I recently took a new job and to help get things ready I am working overtime. But soon I will be back on the saddle. So long for now, and thanks Ian!

Who passed for the most yardage in a single game last season for the Denver Broncos? Jay Cutler, obviously, sorry that was easy. However, if you were like me last season you settled right into your seat with a six pack and a bag of some type of chips ready to watch the Denver Broncos take on the Detroit Lions.

You were excited, had Denver won that game, they’d be in a huge position to take the lead; even at 3-4, the Broncos had nearly beat the Green Bay Packers the week prior.

Then Jay Cutler got hurt, oh… shhh… I single upside down hockey stick. Patrick Ramsey’s coming in and he did well, he did, 262 yards for one touchdown and one interception. A quarterback rating of 70.6%, a rating Cutler only beat 11 times last season- besides starting every game. In those 11 games the Broncos won six.

So how bad is Patrick Ramsey? Not bad, not bad at all, he’s Cutler on a mediocre day.

I have been on the front lines, cut Patrick Ramsey, promote Darrell Hackney! He’s ready, nearly three years on the practice squad, give this guy the rock already! However he’s not ready, not even a little bit, he looked good in training camp, of course he did, he was going up against third-team defenses. In preseason too…

Ramsey? He went up against the Green Bay Packers first-team, yes, he looked bad, but he’s the second-string quarterback, he’s supposed to look bad. If he looked good, we’d have a quarterback controversy in Denver and we don’t need that…

At least in the starting quarterback position. Patrick Ramsey’s good… Enough, for now anyway, yes, having Jake Plummer still sitting idle would be great, but come on. He played what three plays as a backup quarterback before throwing an interception for Denver?

First you go along and then you get along Denver fans. Take it all into account and let’s see how Ramsey does verses Hackney on Friday against the Arizona Cardinals.


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