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Saturday’s Horsing Around With Jon Krause

August 23, 2008

Predictions have been made and are still being made about the 2008 NFL season. In this post I’ll tell you my predictions for the Denver Broncos 2008 Football season. This is what I really think; it’s not wishful thinking or favoritism. I think the 2008 Denver Broncos will go 12-4, maybe 13-3 this year.

I have looked at our schedule and I really like it. Plus we picked up some key players this off-season. I’ll review our key games on our schedule and key player pick-ups and losses. First, key players:

Lost: John Lynch- Lynch signed with the Patriots just a short while ago. He left Denver because the Broncos were not going to start him very much this fall. I’ll miss him a lot. Now that he is gone Elvis Dumervil is my favorite Bronco surprisingly like Garrett.

Rod Smith-Smith did not really play last year, but was still on the team. Smith has retired and is expected to soon become a coach for the Broncos.

Travis Henry-Henry was more disappointing than most any other Bronco player I can  remember. Travis kept getting hurt, and got in trouble for drugs and all kinds of stuff. Then finally the Broncos cut him. I think he has retired, maybe not officially, but I doubt that he’ll ever come back to football. 

Jason Elam-Jason went into free-agency, and signed with the Falcons. He claimed the Falcons were “more committed” to him. But really he wanted more money. I’ll miss Elam a lot. Matt Prater will re-place him. There were rumors that Prater kicked a 68yrd. field goal in practice. I think that that it is true, but that does not mean anything because it was not in a game. But at least we know he has a good leg. As we have seen in this pre-season with his kick offs. 

Ian Gold-At the time when the Broncos cut him I did not know why. I think he was still a good player. I have not heard anything about him since he was cut.

Javon Walker-Javon started his career in Green Bay where Brett Favre made him a star over night. Then he got hurt, the Packers cut him and the Broncos signed him. His first year he did great. Then last season he re-injured his knee. That gave Brandon Marshall the change to prove himself. And boy did he, catching over a 100 passes,  for 1,325 yards. and 7 TD’s. Then Javon recovered from his wounds a little before the season was over. And he wanted to start. But instead of playing him the Broncos started second year wide-out B-Marsh. And then Javon had a bit of a fit. Javon made it clear that he was not happy about his situation in Denver. Then just as free-agency started the Broncos cut him. Then Al Davis and company (the Raiders) offered a HUGE contract to him to sign with them. And he agreed. We will play him in the Broncos season-opener on Set. 8th aired on ESPN.

That’s enough of who we lost let’s get to the guys we picked up:

Gained: Ryan Clady-  Clady, Ryan is a LT out of Boise St. Everybody is so excited about this rookie. He was the Broncos first draft pick. And he was named starter as soon as he entered camp. This pre-season Jay Cutler has played very well. Thanks a lot to our O-line. Clady has a big future in football, and will become a great Bronco.  

Eddie Royal-Lets stick with rookies, Royal  is a rookie WR from Virginia Tech. Ed has played EXTREMELY well in camp, and was named starter for the Broncos first pre-season game against the Texans. He was a great second pick by the Broncos. If he can hold on to his #2 spot at wide receiver, he’ll in weeks 1-3 he would be Denver’s #1 WR, because Brandon Marshall was suspended those weeks. Royal is the Broncos newest star. He is my new favorite offensive player on the Broncos. Pittman, Michael-Pittman started playing in the NFL in 1998, with the Arizona Cardinals. In his first four years he scored 11 TD’s. Then in 2002 he went to Tampa, and has been a Buck since. Then this off-season the Buccaneers released him. Travis Henry was then cut by the Broncos.

Shortly before Henry left Denver signed Pittman. It’s expected that Pittman will be a short yardage third down back. Second year back Hall, Andre is thought to be back up to starter  Young, Selvin. Backs Alridge, Anthony, and Torain, Ryan are also in the mix. So I am not sure where Michael will fit in, but I think he can help us out this fall. If nothing else a good vet in the locker room.  One player that got fans and coaches very excited after his signing was:

DT Dewayne Robertson-Robertson, Dewayne has played with the Jets since 2003. And many hope that he’ll help our run Defense. Our Run-D played very bad last year, partly because we had no big strong guys in the middle of our line. At 6-1 and 308 pounds Robertson could be just the guy. He has not jumped out in camp or pre-season, but their is big expectations for him.

Darrell Jackson-When Jackson, Darrell signed on it was thought that he would start across from B-Marsh. I never really bought into him, and thought that Keary Colbert should be the #2 guy. Jackson has competition from Keary Colbert, and Samie Parker-All three wide outs Jack, Parker, Samie, and Colbert, Keary are fighting for the #3 spot. Brandon Stokley is one also that you can’t just brush off. Stokley, Brandon is not fighting for a job, he’ll be our slot receiver. And a very good one at that. His years in Indy with Peyton Manning gave him a name, and he is a player the defence has to keep an eye on. Our WR’s are a good core of guys and will really help us out, not to mention our Tight End’s. But I won’t go into them, in this post. Another vet that will be joining our line is:

Center Casey Weigman- Wiegmann, Casey may not start, because of Tom Nalen. But Casey has tons of experience, and has a good change to be in front of Cutler this year. Especially with Nalen’sinjuries. If he does ( and even if he does not ) our line should do very well. With John Lynch gone.

Marlon McCree-will get a better change to prove what he can do. Marlon McCree spent the last 2 years with our rival the San Diego Chargers. He also played with the  Carolina Panthers , Houston Texans , and Jacksonville Jaguars. Through his career his racked up 419 Tackles, and 16 Interceptions. McCree has excited many fans very much, and should have a good year. Our linebaker squad has made a ton of changes this off-season. Like when we signed:

Niko Koutouvides-When Koutouvides, Niko was signed, it was thought that he was going to be our starting MLB. But is still not sure if he or Nate Webster will be the Broncos starter. Niko had been with Seattle Seahawks since 2004. He was a stand out on special teams, and the Broncos think he’ll make a great middle linebackers. I personally like Koutouvides a lot. And think he’d make a much better starter than Nate. Either way our LB’s will be a good core of guys, with D.J. Williams moving back to out side linebacker. The Broncos are set. The last “new” Bronco, is my favorite pick up, maybe ever. Champ’s little brother:

Boss Bailey-Bailey, Boss was drafted by the Detroit Lionsin 2003. And the next year due to injury, did not play in one game. The Lions counted Boss a bit of a “bust”. He’s got 7 sacks over 4 seasons. So why am I so excited? Because, he has a lot of talent. And we’ve have all seen what Coach Mike Shanahan can do with talented players. And also Boss will be across from 5th year player Williams, D.J. who racked up 141 tackles last year. And a strong MLB between him and D.J.. And Elvis Dumervil smashing the QB. Giving Boss a chance to stop the run. And DB’s like Champ Bailey and Dre’ Bly who can come up and help stop the run.

Those are the Key players, now let’s look at our Key games on our Schedule:

Key Games: Broncos_Raiders-On September 8th, we start our season against the Raiders. On Monday Night Football, ESPN. When they schedule was seen, many said “the Raiders will run all over us.” But I doubt it. Elvis will smash Jamarcus, and force him to throw poor passes, which will give a good opportunity to Champ and Dre’ for a pick. And then if they have not already they will turn to the run. And our Run-D has really stepped up. So I think we’ll be able hold the Raiders to less than 70 yards. If we win or lose this game will have to do a lot with how our season will go. On week 7, October 20th we’ll play in New England.

Broncos_Pats This game will be one of our hardest. On the “The D” we will have to deal with Tom Brady and his Bunch. And on the other side of the ball, the “Big O” we’ll have to deal with Lynch and Co. The next week will be our bye week. So if we win we’ll have good momentum, going into the second half of our season. And if we lose it could be downhill for the rest of the season. In week 17, we’ll play the Chargers again. It’ll be a hard game. And if we win it’ll help momentum into the play-offs. On offense Ryan Clady will have to give Jay some good time in the pocket. If he can then Cutler could pick apart the Chargers. Then it would open up our running game. On defense our line needs to smash Philip, and our linebackers need to stop the run. Then the game could be a blow out.

This season looks like it’ll be a good one.  I think we’ll even win the West, and get into the playoffs easy.

And the Super Bowl-well, let’s just take it one game at a time. 😉

So, what do you think? Will the Broncos go 12-4? Better, Worse?

Jon Krause is a member of the Bronco Madness Staff. You can find his own blog at Denver Broncos News By Jon.

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