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Game Review & Team Prognosis

August 23, 2008

So close… So so close… Well the Broncos last night lost 27-24. I am sorry I was not there to cover the game but I had a huge meeting at my place of employment. One that I could not miss for the life of me. But I am back to share with you all my thoughts on last nights game.

First off I was glad to see Jay Cutler bounce back after a couple of misplaced throws to end without an Interception and 2 Touchdowns. He looked good in the second quarter and showed how good the Broncos first team was. I was quite impressed actually by the Pat Rat. Sure he threw an INT but he also threw a TD which was what mattered. We got to see a bit more Darrell Hackney but I was still disappointed by the lack of him.

Pittman Runs In a TD Thrown By Patrick Ramsey

The rushing game was something to be admired and every single RB showed that they had no trouble with breaking of a big run. Especially my man Selvin Young who broke off the biggest one in the whole game. A 22 yard run. Nice… He also averaged over 7 yards per carry greatly improving from the last two games. Andre Hall stayed as consistent as always with 46 yards and an average of over 5 yards per carry. Pittman ran it the most where he struggled running but did catch a TD from Pat Rat.

Only two players really stood out on the Receiving side of the game. Brandon Marshall caught two passes for a whopping 71 yards and a Touchdown. I really hate that he is going to miss some playing time in the Regular Season. Cliff Russell I think will be making the team as he caught 3 passes for 23 yards. He is the only player I have seen who has good chemistry with the Pat Rat. Pittman was used a lot as a Receiving back and did not disappoint with 6 catches and a TD.

Matt Prater was 3 for 3 in Extra Points but did show that he could kick a long one as he had a picture perfect kick for 40 yards. It was truly a beautiful kick. 

The run defense was really nice and you could see how much we have improved since last year. Our first team run defense only let up 23 yards and the run defense in total did not let the Packers multiple running backs get 100 yards. Quite an achievement. But the running defense was not the problem for once. It was actually the passing defense. 

We did not put much pressure on Aaron Rodgers except for Elvis Dumervil. No surprises there. He had another sack on Rodgers before he left the game with a broken finger. I do not no much about broken fingers but I think that it will not stop him from coming to next weeks game since he plays DE. Other than him there was no pressure on the QB. 

Donald Driver Celebrates After Catching A TD From Rodgers.

Maybe it was the lack of Champ Bailey but our defense fell to the Packers when it came to stopping the pass. We were absolutely embarrassed by Aaron Rodgers as he was 18-22 and had a TD. It was not good. We did not force over a single turnover in the entire game. Domonique Foxworth led the team in tackles with 6 total. It was disappointing to say the least.

It was decent game though and I was not too disappointed, had we left the first team out there the whole game and the Bailey Bunch weren’t recovering from injuries we would have won that. It was close and we did see bright spots. Here is my team prognosis for the Broncos:

Dewayne Robertson is still not having that much of an impact. Basically what Robertson has become, is a big fat brick wall who doesn’t move or really do anything but you can’t get past him. He just can’t help it. 

Cliff Russell needs to keep up the chemistry with both Pat Rat and Hackney. See if Russell does not perform then Pat Rat has chemistry with about no one on the offense. Russell has become a key part of the second team. 

Shut down the passing game. This is important. We can not let up that much passing success. Champ Bailey needs to get back into the groove of things and Dre’ Bly needs to guard his man better. If we do that then we are good. 

Here are the game MVP’s: 

O: Brandon Marshall (Big Plays The Whole Game)

D: Elvis Dumervil (Had The Only Great Play On The Defense)

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