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Broncos vs Packers Pre-Season Game 3 Preview

August 22, 2008

Editors Note: Due to other demands of life the live blog of the Broncos vs Packers game will not be on the site today. Check back though next week for a new Live Blog. 

It is time to give you our official Bronco Madness preview for game 3 of the Pre-Season against the Packers. Let’s kick some cheese! Wow. That is the worst pun ever since this. (Fast forward to the last 3 seconds).

Back to what matters. Here are the two depth charts for the game:

Click Here For Broncos Depth Chart

Click Here For Packers Depth Chart

Here are the videos for each team. The first one is a close field goal by Matt Prater bouncing off the uprights and some highlights of last years season for the Packers.

Who are the key players in this game? Here they are:

Marquand Manuel, SS, Broncos: Manuel may have earned the starting position at SS but nothing is permanent especially when you are going up against a very talented team of Wide Receivers including Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, and Jordy Nelson. They are all long ball threats which means that Manuel needs to stop them.

Jordy Nelson, WR, Packers: I have a feeling that Nelson may see a lot of playing time which means that he needs to catch a lot of balls to help out Aaron Rodgers at QB. See right now things are looking kind of gloomy for their QB situation as Rodgers is under achieving and Brett Favre looks pretty good in New York right now. Nelson needs to really help Rodgers.

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not:

HOT: Jay Cutler is giving Broncos fans heat stroke as he continues to be one of the best QB’s all Pre-Season. He has the second highest QB rating under Brett Ratliff who has had less playing time hence a better rating. Cutler is on fire and watch for him to make a big splash on the Packers D this next game. 

NOT: Tyrone Poole looks as if he is not worth the signing as he has done nearly nothing in enough playing time to show more. He has had 1 tackle after playing an entire Quarter and a half not to mention Special Teams. It has not hurt us but it would be nice to see some more effort out of him.

HOT: Charles Woodson looked nice as he forced the only turn over on the 49ers all game. You have to love Woodson as he is on the road to having a pretty good game against the Broncos hoping to have more tackles. 

NOT: Ummm…That would be Aaron Rodgers as he went 9-14 with a pass average of 3.6 yards. He did not throw an Interception but he did not throw a Touchdown either. It was pretty mediocre for a team with so much depth at receiver. Though you do have to feel bad for Rodgers as the hype he has hanging over him is nearly unreachable. 

The Broncos are going into this game looking good and I think that they will pull away the win yet again. There depth is better than the Packers except at QB where the Packers have young and powerful QB’s when besides Jay Cutler the Broncos don’t. The Wide Receiver squads are equal as they both have second round Wide Receivers and a couple of good vets.

The Broncos have a good pass rush team with Elvis Dumervil ready to destroy Aaron Rodgers after a sack against the Cowboys. The run defense looks solid. We are just hoping that Dewayne Roberston we get to see more from. 

The Packers Linebackers look great and A.J Hawk only seems to get better every game they play. The Cornerbacks on the Packers are hoping to force more Interceptions except for Charles Woodson who as mentioned earlier forced the only turnover on the 49ers. So my guess is the Broncos win. 

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