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Exclusive Draft Profile: Aaron Maybin

August 21, 2008

Aaron Maybin is maybe one of the most overhyped players in the draft but despite that is still very talented. Maybin is a Defensive End who became a very productive pass rusher with Penn St. University. 

Aaron Maybin

Aaron Maybin


Name: Aaron Maybin

Position: Defensive End

School: Penn St. University

Height & Weight: 6-4 / 246

Class: Junior

What I Think: Coming into the NFL after a players junior year is very risky especially when people think that you are extremely overrated. But in Aaron Maybin’s case it has helped him extremely and if he has an extremely good combine he could be one of the top players at his position. After redshirting his first year on campus, Maybin played in every game of his redshirt freshman year. He recorded 12 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, 1 forced fumble, and broke up a pass in coverage, in 13 games last season. Maybin while originally only 220 pounds has put on an amazing 20 pounds of pure muscle and has amazed pro scouts with his great work ethic and insane pass rushing skills. While he weighs a bit more than most pass rushing Defensive Linemen he is still much more talented than them and he is able to make a huge impact on the run game by using his decent size. He has excellent technique, and does a good job of using his hands to keep blockers from cutting his feet out from under him. He also is very good at forcing fumbles and tackling running backs behind the line of scrimmage. He has a great rip and spin move and can easily get rid of most blockers. That said though, he is the most raw and untapped player in the entire draft. He defines a boom or bust prospect and might not be able to start in his first year. With the right coaching though, he could become one of the best Defensive Ends in the NFL and become a dominant force for whatever team drafts him. He also could be a Shawne Merriman type player and make the move to strong side Linebacker if his team wanted him to. Maybin is raw and very risky but with the right coaching could one day be one of the best players in the NFL. 

Draft Grade: B+


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