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Who Are The Broncos Players Like?

August 18, 2008

I was thinking last night about Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall and who they were like in the NFL. It made me think more about who else we could compare people in the Broncos organization to. I came up with several and I have them here for you to enjoy!

First off I wondered who our QB’s were like. Surprisingly I came up with a team we just played. The Cowboys. See first of all it is scary how much Romo and Cutler are alike. Both of them began their careers in the same year. They both seemed hopeless stuck behind franchise QB’s but they fought them off and now are their respective teams new franchise QB’s.

So that was my first reason I chose the Cowboys. The second were the backups of course. Both Brad Johnson and Pat Rat are slightly similar. They have a tendency to throw Interceptions. Johnson is much older but Ramsey is old too. They are both washed up. It took a little while longer for that to happen to Brad Johnson though. Finally there are the 3rd string QB’s. Popular among their fans. They play well enough to justify 2nd string positions. They are Darrell Hackney and Richard Bartel. They both can run the ball pretty well too. 

For the Wide Receivers (Marshall and Royal) I found it simple to decide. But it became more what they will be. Not what they are. Who are they like? The Bengals. They will be like Chad Johnson and T.J Houshmanzadeh. The starter which would be Johnson and Marshall are top of the line Wide Recievers who do have a knack for getting in trouble. They may lose some playing time due to their actions but are still among the best and big playmakers. Houshmanzadeh and Royal are somewhat quiet but talented Wide Receivers. At the rate they have played that could start on any other team but for now will have to play second banana to Johnson or Marshall.

See they are not there yet. But they could become like that one day. My only hope is that Marshall will not be a trouble maker any more. When Chad may still stay a bit crazy. On to the Cornerbacks. This one will be a bit shocking and somewhat scary. So if you feel nauseous at any time, Bronco Madness delivers it sincerest apologies. 

So here we go…We are like…Wow this is hard…Ummm…Our CB’s are like…*gulp*…The Raiders! I’m sorry. But when you have to look at it the way I am. First of all we have some of the strongest CB teams in the league. Ours is stronger though. Both teams have long time fan favorites with quite a long tenure with the team. Champ Bailey and Nnamdi Asomugha. This year or last we added new players that were among the best CB’s in the league. Those would be Dre’ Bly and DeAngelo Hall. We even have capable backups in Domonique Foxworth and Chris Johnson. 

So there you have it. I found what certain parts of our team is alike other teams in the NFL. Some surprising, some obvious, and some disgusting. But overall we are a good team. I think that these positions will all have one Pro Bowler. I may be going out on a limb here but I really like how our team looks right now.


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