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Broncos vs Cowboys Pre-Season Game 2 Preview

August 15, 2008

Is everybody here ready for the Broncos vs Cowboys game?! I hope you guys are because I sure have been preparing for it. As always we will follow the order of material in our game previews. 

In other words we will start with a Depth Chart, followed by a video of each team, the key players in each game, a Who’s Hot & Who’s Not list, and end it with an overview of the game. So let’s begin!

Here Is The Cowboys Depth Chart

Here Is The Broncos Depth Chart

Now for some videos of the Broncos and the Cowboys. The first one is a video made in July of Terrell Owens in the Cowboys Training Camp. The second is an old video of Jay Cutler in his first career Training Camp.

Here is who I consider the key players in tomorrows game:

Broncos LT, Ryan Clady: It has been well known that the Cowboys line has looked great against the Broncos in scrimmage. So Ryan Clady will be a key part of holding down the D-Line. He is young and this could be his chance to shine. He will be a key player and will have a major impact on the game. Look out for him to be a force.

Cowboys QB, Brad Johnson: As in any pre-season game, the second string QB will get most of the snaps on offense. That means that a lot of the Cowboys game will be on the shoulders of QB Brad Johnson. If he plays well then that means Dallas will have the upper hand. If not then it will mean it is our game.

Want to know Who’s Not, and Who’s Not? Here are the answers

HOT: QB Darrell Hackney was on fire in his last game against the Texans showing that he could play as a solid number two QB and putting Patrick Ramsey to shame. He completed most of his passes and even had a huge run. His only problem was that he was not able to throw or run for Touchdowns.

NOT: QB Patrick Ramsey should be ashamed of his performance for the Broncos. Ramsey threw two Interceptions and barely completed half of his throws. It was an absolutely pathetic performance on his part. The rest of the team around him (except for the O-Line) looked fine but he was absolutely horrendous out there.

HOT: No matter how much I may hate him, Tank Johnson looked great not only in camp but secured that he was playing at a high level last week against the Chargers. He put pressure on all of the Chargers especially Phillip Rivers as he even got a sack. 

NOT: FB Deon Anderson has been having some problems, after a weak Training Camp and only being allowed to have one carry against the Chargers he does not look good. He is letting blocks go and in his only run had a mere 2 yard gain. Ouch.

The thing about this game is that it is a Pre-Season game. That means it will be all about depth. If you look at the Broncos depth chart you can see that we have more depth on the roster than the Cowboys. WR will be the main position as both teams are deep and will be forces. Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall vs Eddie Royal and Patrick Crayton. 

The Cowboys are a good team and might beat us in the regular season but here we have the upper hand. Also put into consideration this is a home game. That will help us in our quest to beat them too. Both teams our good but our depth is better. That is why we should have a Mile High Victory this week!

  1. August 16, 2008 6:34 AM

    Broncos Vs. COWBOYS! LOL. G, you put Broncos and Texans 🙂

  2. August 16, 2008 7:30 AM

    lol, fixed it. Still wrapped up in that game.

  3. August 16, 2008 8:14 AM

    🙂 yeah, I know…can’t believe we play tonight already

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