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The Word: Weekly Fantasy Football Advice

August 13, 2008

In an attempt to bring you even better coverage on everything Broncos, Bronco Madness is presenting weekly fantasy football advice. Make sure that you get check us out every week for The Word. 

The pre-season is all about assembling a successful Fantasy Football team. We are going to give you advice for the Yahoo! fantasy football system. That’s what I use and I highly recommend it to anybody. Here is the roster I got from the draft. Click on the picture to see it better.

Good huh? Here are my Top 5 ways to build a successful team:

#5 RB’s come first: Sweet & Simple. I don’t care if Tom Brady is available. You will get much more production from a RB. Last year was odd because QB’s scored more points in Fantasy Football than RB’s. That is not normal and do not fall for that. Always spend that first pick on a good RB. They are great to have and will be of high, high value to you.

#4 Age is a factor: Lot’s of so called “experts” say that age is never a factor and should not be considered. That is not true. Age is very important. Don’t you feel bad for that guy who took Steve McNair last year thinking that he would be a substantial QB despite his age. Wrong. What about that guy thinking that there was no way Cadillac Williams would be a flash in the pan? Wrong. Age is a factor and should be considered when drafting. If you have to choose between really young or really old go young. They have a better track record. 

#3 Believe the curse: I may be a bit superstitious and crazy at times but the Madden curse I would put into consideration. The facts speak for themselves. Do not have Brett Favre as your starter. Do. Not. Maybe use him as a backup but though there is no explanation to back this up, I would put this in consideration. Never have a Madden Cover boy start. Period. 

#2 Trades are bad: I would not draft a person below the 4th round that has been recently traded. It is not good. It is okay to have them on the team and in some cases maybe even start but trades can hurt a player. You should take extra caution with players who rely highly on other players. The one example I can remember where a player did better after a trade is Randy Moss. But he had a lame season before. Do not expect production from those players. They are adjusting to a whole new system. So be wary of Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, and Tight Ends.

#1 Injuries hurt. I would not invest high picks in players who are recovering from injuries but before were amazing players. I am worried about Ronnie Brown on my team because of that. Always have a talented back up for those players. Make sure to take high caution when you are picking these talented but injury prone players. They may be injured or have their production drop. 

Now here are some players for which to Have No Fear, and to Beware. We have also added some late round sleepers that could shine. 


Do not worry about Vikings RB, Adrian Peterson. Some people will hesitate to get him for he was injury prone in college and is only in his second season now. Though there is no reason to be afraid. So far he has shown very little signs of injury and has looked great in Training Camp. Some people may think he might follow Cadillac Williams but Williams did not break the record for most rushing yards in a single game. Peterson did. He should still be a first or second overall pick.


Patriots WR, Randy Moss is expected to follow up his success substantially. Though seasons like his come once in a life time. He should still have a big season but do not take him in the first round. Do not take any WR’s in the first round. It is way to much of a risk and the reward might still not be worth it. Also Tom Brady is getting older. He also had a bit more of an injury in the Playoffs than people think he did. That’s why they drafted another QB. Randy Moss will still have a great year. But beware. 


A nice sleeper might be Jonathan Stewart a HB for the Panthers. He might not even be drafted. I think that Stewart is going to be the Rookie of the Year and will put up some major Fantasy points. He will be passed over for Darren McFadden but I think that he may perform better than him. Stewart has everything to make him a star and is much more NFL ready than McFadden. If he is not drafted make sure you get him on your team. You could even draft him yourself. 

Remember to come back next week for The Word in fantasy football only at Bronco Madness.

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