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Jay Cutler Is The 2008 Seasons Key

August 11, 2008

Life can not be easy for Jay Cutler right now. He has discovered he is diabetic, has a good friend and teammate who is suspended for the first two to three games, and an entire franchise on the hinge of his success. 

Jay Cutler has been the face of the Broncos since he was drafted in the 2006 NFL Draft. Everything has revolved around him even when he was not starting. Everything Broncos has his name, face, or number on it. He is one of Denver’s celebrities even if he does not play well. 

Though that comfort is about to end as he reaches his next NFL season. The magic Shanahan 3rd season where all QB’s are supposed to bloom. Even Brian Griese had a good season in his 3rd with Mike Shanahan. Others such as Steve Young, Jake Plummer, and John Elway have blossomed into some of the best players in the NFL.

Jay Cutler has to now follow them in his success. See the Broncos as much as we hate to admit it, have had a lot of turmoil over the off-season. We lost Brandon Marshall to a suspension, John Lynch to free agency, and Jason Elam to the Falcons. So our success lies in the hands of the one leader left. That is Jay Cutler. 

No matter how much people will deny it. You can not do well without a good QB. Name me one team in the playoffs that did not have a decent QB  at worst. Even *gulp* Phillip Rivers can sometimes perform when he needs to. Even though I hate him with every fiber of being! 

Our team would be nothing without Jay Cutler’s success. If he plays average, we will be an average team. If he plays great, we will be a great team! If he plays badly, then we will be a terrible team. The stats show it. Last season when he was not playing during the Lions game we lost. When he played at a Peyton Manning level against the Chiefs, we destroyed. Rewind to 2006, the final game of the season when Jake Plummer started via Jay Cutler’s injury we lost. 

The facts are right there. We need him to play well to win. Say what you will about there being no I in team, but for the Broncos right now we are mixing up spelling rules with Jay Cutler. If we did not think that Cutler was the key to winning we wouldn’t have built our team around him. The Broncos are relying on him especially early in the season. 

Brandon Marshall will be gone which means we lose a big playmaker on the offense. So for the first two games, we need Jay Cutler to step up. The first against the Raiders may seem easier but without Marshall you never know. San Diego is one where we might suffer unless Jay Cutler plays well. 

So yes, we need Jay Cutler right now. He is the key to the 2008 season. I believe he will impress so I am not worried but he better or else we will be stuck in a deep hole. 

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