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Game Review & Team Prognosis

August 10, 2008

Last night the Denver Broncos went head to head with the Houston Texans in the first pre-season game of the year. The Texans pulled away the win by a field goal. The final score in the game was 19-16 Texans win. After bringing a live blog of the game I am here to wrap it up with a review and a prognosis for the Broncos.

First off. Our first team looked good. That is what mattered. We had great chemistry. Jay Cutler had a completion percentage of 80% and ran 16 yards for a Touchdown. We saw some nice catches from Tony Scheffler and Eddie Royal. The passing game looked good. Selvin Young looked good except for the fact that he lost some major yards on important plays. 

We had the lead until we handed over the QB position to Patrick Ramsey. He threw 2 Interceptions. One of them was on his first play of the game. He completed barely half of his passes and had only 32 yards. He looked absolutely terrible. I was shocked by how badly we looked with him taking snaps. Andre Hall looked decent as he averaged 5 yards for every carry. Anthony Aldridge broke some huge plays but also lost yards. 

On the defensive side Wesley Woodyard looked amazing. He had 8 tackles and by the way, Woodyard was an undrafted free agent. It looks like he will be making the team. Cristian Morton had a few tackles as well and forced a fumble. Boss Bailey got injured with a twisted ankle but looks fine. Louis Green had a concussion and thank god he was released from the hospital today. 

I liked Matt Prater. In his career with the Falcons he was 1 for 4. He was 3 for 4 last night. I could see that he has improved and think that he could bring something new and exciting to Special Teams. He can do it all!

Darrell Hackney was a gift from god and saved us from Ramsey. He was amazing. He threw for 62 yards and was 4-7. Though just hearing the stats is not enough. The man looked poised, strong and like a decent QB. He even ran for 16 yards and did a flip in the process after being hit. But he got right back up and took us into the Red Zone.

But the Red Zone was our problem. We lost yards, got penalties and would have won the game had we gotten in to the End Zone. That was our biggest problem all day. It will be our biggest problem all season if we do not work on it and end such a stupid problem.

So here is my prognosis:

Do not commit stupid penalties. That will kill us. Both Erickson and Harris committed lots of them.

Perform in the Red Zone. It doesn’t matter how many yards we get on the play if we do not score. That will kill us.

Our rushing defense looked better but did not look good enough. That will as well be a big problem if we do not fix it. 

Kill Patrick Ramsey. Or not. Just don’t have him play backup.

Our awards for Broncos MVP are:

Darrell Hackney on offense and on defense Wesley Woodyard. See you guys at at the Cowboys game and remember to read our Live Blog of the game. 


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