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Brandon Marshall Suspended 2-3 Games

August 4, 2008

It is actually me live, to give you guys some news. Of course they chose to break the news while I was gone on vacation. Thanks a ton NFL.

Adam Schefter of the NFL Network reported Brandon Marshall will be suspended for three games for violation of the Personal Conduct Policy. According to Schefter, Marshall will be able to reduce the suspension from three games to two if he agrees to undergo counseling.

In other words, take the counseling Marshall. I doubt he will not agree and if he does I may personally kill him. But expect him to take it. It has shown to work. Rod Smith took it and has ever since been one of the most respectable players in the league.

I agree with this decision and I think that it is very fitting for the problems at hand. I am glad that Goodell actually did something right for once. Maybe that’s an overreaction. 

Hopefully he will end up alright and we will have a model citizen. Or at least just a normal player who does not have to be suspended. He is the key to this offense. I still think that he could pull out an 1,000 yard season by the way.

Now to catch up with some news:

Matt Prater actually nailed a 68 yard field goal while going 11-11 in Training Camp. So much for running backs we can crank out some insane Kickers. 

Gary Zimmerman was inducted and became the second Denver Bronco ever to be inducted to the Hall of Fame.

Shanahan seems very confident and did not sound like he usually does. “We will not miss the playoffs.” Not only did he assure fans that the Broncos were playoff-bound, but he went on to say (paraphrasing), “We will do something special once we’re there.”

I will hopefully be able to add some more news as my vacation goes on, until then I have some more posts scheduled to come out.


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