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TCPB (Hackney vs Ramsey)

August 2, 2008

Hey guys! When you are reading this I will be enjoying my summer vacation. But we are here to continue the series that I am sure you have all been enjoying! We are breaking down another training camp position battle. This one may not be a major battle but it is still important. It is the battle for the backup QB position. 

Patrick Ramsey started this Training Camp as the incumbent for this position. It doesn’t seem that close anymore. Ramsey for some time now has been a backup to Jay Cutler. He played one game against the Lions last year where he had 1 TD, 1 Interception and 262 yards passing. He even had a QB rating of 73.4. He is an average player but he has seemed terrible so far in Training Camp and I don’t think he is doing a very good job.

Darrell Hackney was an undrafted QB considered too short for his position. But he has looked good so far in Training Camp. He was originally signed by the Browns but later he was sent to the Broncos Training Squad. He has never played at all in the NFL. He has played better in Training Camp and he should spend some time with the 2nd team squad. 

For now I think that Patrick Ramsey needs to keep the job. He seems out of shape but as long as Cutler does not get injured we do not have that much need for him. I would watch out for him during Training Camp. If it seems he is terrible all the time than we need to make a change and bad. Hackney should get a look or two though.

Overall we need to face the facts that thought it seems fun Hackney coming out of nowhere to get the job, we will have Ramsey take the job. In a dream world we will not need to use this position but nothing is that great.


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