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What now?

August 1, 2008

While I am gone I asked Ian to do an article for us and I hope that you folks really enjoy it. As always thanks Ian for your contributions to the fastest growing Denver Broncos site on the web! 

Is it deja-vu all over again? In just under seven days, the Denver Broncos have retired a man who owned nearly all of the receiving records. We’re still in doubt over whether he will be a inducted into the Hall of Fame. Now there’s a possibility that another Bronco could join him the same year he is inducted into the Hall in Canton, OH. That player is of course John Lynch, who left his joint press conference today kind of murky on whether he would play again. He may go back and take a job at Fox News, he may line up as a San Diego Charger verse Denver twice this season. No one really knows, including John, apparently.

Beyond that, the golden boy rookie fullback Peyton Hillis who many (me) expected to be busting holes and leading the fearsome foursome (is that nickname already taken?), Selvin Young, Andre Hall, Ryan Torain and Anthony Aldridge, through the valley and into the promise land… Is injured. At least he’s been injured, with a pulled hamstring, for all but three days thus far in training camp. Now there’s Tom Nalen, bursa sac, the same inflammation that will sideline Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning the entire preseason. If Nalen needs surgery, do you really see him not retiring?

The Brandon Marshall situation is due to come to a head any minute now, I wrote a while back on my blog that I didn’t think that Marshall would end up getting suspended. However, with every new text message barrage, due to some event with the Broncos, I’m just positive that this is the one that’s going to determine whether or not he’s out for two, four, eight game or whether he got thrown a very major bone. I covered what life would be like without Brandon Marshall earlier this month. Fans can be even more assured now than they were then, Eddie Royal looks great every practice and could slide into number two, if Darrell Jackson had to slide to the primary spot at wide out.

What now Broncos fans? Gone are John Lynch and Rod Smith, fullbacks are dropping like flies and we can’t even get an accurate assessment of our offensive line. with right guard Montrae Holland pulling sled duty for likely the eighth day in a row (tomorrow). Chris Kuper’s hand is going to start looking like the crypt keepers if he continues to take the beating that DeWayne Robertson’s handing out during seven-on-seven drills and eleven-on-eleven scrimmages. Will Ryan Harris be able to succeed as the right tackle or is he just keeping the seat warm until Kuper can push over and Holland can make weight? Don’t know and I’m kind of scared to ask.

Safety Marlon McCree will fill in nicely in Lynch’s absence, McCree was already playing most of the strong safety positions. Except in the base defense that Denver was running, that’s when Lynch would relieve him. Rookie safety Josh Barrett has looked very strong and will also see time, Marquand Manuel, who may have been cut had Lynch not retired is also a very hard hitting option for Denver. Fans, rest assured, the back half of Denver’s defense will be great this season. I forgot to mention that free safety Hamza Abdullah is playing like a maniac on red bull and seems to have locked up the free safety position and earned the trust of Mike Shanahan.

Back to Tom Nalen’s possible injury, for just a moment, his backup Casey Wiegmann has started every game that he’s played in since 2001. Yes, he was starting then for the Kansas City Chiefs, but we won’t hold that against him. He’s a very worthy backup and in my opinion Denver has very good depth at the offensive line, with tackles Erik Pears, PJ Alexander and rookie Tyler Polumbus, guards Dylan Gandy (who may challenge very soon for a starting spot) and rookie Kory Lichtensteiger. I just can’t figure out why if Ryan Harris is doing so bad, he hasn’t been replaced on the first-team. Maybe he’s not as bad as fans think he is…

Have a good weekend guys!

Ian Henson is a contributer to Bronco Madness you can catch his own blog Broncos Denver Broncos.


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