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The Stars Are Aligned For Sapp

July 30, 2008

Cecil Sapp can’t help but feel challenged with Peyton Hillis fighting for the job at Fullback. But for now it seems that Cecil is pretty lucky, for Hillis is feeling a bit wobbly. 

His backup from last season, Mike Bell, was released last week. Sapp’s new backup, rookie Peyton Hillis, has been out since suffering a strained hamstring Sunday. Michael Pittman, a veteran tailback, was shifted to fullback in part so Sapp wouldn’t get completely worn out taking reps with the first, second and third teams.

Some people think that Sapp’s experience would land him the job anyway but I disagree. Hillis could have an immediate impact and could help us get closer to the Playoffs. Before he pulled his hammy he had looked amazing. He could really help the running game. 

“Early in training camp, you expect guys to get banged up here and there,” said Sapp. “But you don’t want to be that guy who gets injured. The fullback position has been beat up right now, but hopefully those guys come back real soon because we’re going to need them out there.”

But he knows that this position is not being handed to him on a silver platter. If Hillis works hard and deserves it, Sapp will not have this role. 

Right now it seems that Cecil Sapp has gotten pretty lucky with a lack of competition. I hope that Hillis gets back though to beat him out for the Fullback spot. Nothing against Sapp but in my eyes Hillis is much better for the team. 


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