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Training Camp Position Battle (Parker vs Martinez)

July 26, 2008

Today we will continue our series of Examinations with another Training Camp Position Battle. Last week we analyzed Chris Kuper vs Ryan Harris. We decided that though we like Harris more, Kuper would more likely start.

Now we have a very interesting one. This is not to see who gets the start but who gets to stay on the team. It is a position battle at WR. The two players are Samie Parker and Glenn Martinez. This winner in Training Camp will have a roster spot. The loser will go home.

Glenn Martinez was turned down by every team that he was taken by in Free Agency. The only other team besides the Broncos he got playing time with was the Lions who quickly sent him to NFL Europia. Later we would take him under our wing where he showed great improvement. He played as the number 4 receiver and still had 17 receptions. He also played as a Punt Returner where he returned a punt for a touchdown. 

Samie Parker was taken by us in free agency just this year. He played with the Chiefs the year before that. He had 24 receptions and 2 Touchdowns. Before last year he had shown much more success. He had a career year with Kansas City in 2005 where he had over 500 yards receiving. He has never played Kick or Punt returner.

Both of these players deserve roster spots. Both have lots and lots of talent but it has been hard for other teams to tap into some of it. Glenn Martinez I think will win though. He has more potential and so far in Training Camp has shown lots of success. He had a great season last year where he improved tremendously. Samie Parker will find it easier to go to another team. Martinez won’t have to.

  1. July 26, 2008 10:07 AM

    With the early word out of training camp it’s looking like it might be more like: Martinez vs. Marshall (haha).

  2. July 26, 2008 6:26 PM

    lol. could be…

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